What if you could have it all? A prosperous career, successful marriage, happy children and health.

On this episode of “The G & E Show” Grant and Elena talk about how to put yourself on the right path to accomplish this as a couple.

They discuss these three rules they follow to have it all:
1. Commit
2. No Excuses
3. See it thru

Learn how this power-couple incorporate these rules in to their marriage and always strive to have it all.

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  • You have to become the mentor you want to seek! Read books, listen to podcasts and implement the stuff. You don’t have to have a face to face mentor or someone that you speak to in order to get the ball rolling. Use what’s available to you and get after it!

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  • Commit or Quit! Make a dam decision and ride it to the wheels fall off! https://twitter.com/hashtag/MilliMacs?src=hash

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  • I’m simply amazed that you both showed up today!! Talk about commit… AND you are both so real (good, bad and ugly). You do have it all – you have each other!!! ~ M

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  • amillionairemom Mandy Gartrell EXACTLY — not because of $$ — though that helps but they are such a team. I’m like that with my husband. We just call each other out, show up no matter what++. 🙂

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