Networking is a dated term. Practicing your elevator pitch, handing out business cards, attending events — there is a place for all of this, but real career and personal opportunities come about through conscious connecting — forging genuine relationships with others. Guests include Broadway producer Michael Roderick, who has built a consulting company based on the concept of building a better life through better questions, and Jenny Powers, founder of Running with Heels, relationship events for professional women.

  • danient

    Dear Emma, you are absolutely amazing! Thank you for your informative series, and please keep it going!!

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    danient thank you! So nice to hear 🙂 What topics do you want to learn about?

  • danient

    It was so good to hear I’m not the only mother who just about “loses it” daily; I wished we had a metal pole in our house so we could slide down quickly on the way to school, while I’m screaming, “run, do not walk”… I’m sure my 6yo and 4yo boys would have liked that! Thank you for doing such a great job!