Doing stuff matters, a lot. But doing stuff alone is what got you here: a lot of energy output, but not as much progress as you expected. So now you have two choices:
1. Do MORE stuff
2. Figure out what else may be missing.

Hopefully you chose #2. And Dre Baldwin is here to share with you exactly what is missing.

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Dre Baldwin is a former Professional Basketball Player who is now a Mental Toughness Expert working with business professionals and athletes.
Dre Baldwin’s YouTube videos cover basketball training, motivation, confidence, leadership, teamwork, branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
Dre played college basketball at Penn State Altoona and then overseas basketball for 9 years through 8 countries.
Dre has written 12 books, published over 5,000 YouTube videos and created over 150 basketball training programs.
Dre has been blogging since 2005 and on YouTube since 2006.
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