Dre Baldwin shares why it is imperative for experts in their respective fields to share free information forever. Information is no longer something you can sell — what you do sell is the organization and application of information. And Dre shares with you how you can do that.

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Dre Baldwin is a former Professional Basketball Player who is now an Entrepreneur: Keynote Speaker on the topics of Social Media, Branding & Marketing, Confidence & Motivation; Author, Salesperson, Coach & Consultant.
Dre Baldwin’s YouTube videos cover basketball training, motivation, confidence, leadership, teamwork, branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
Dre played college basketball at Penn State Altoona and then overseas basketball for 9 years through 8 countries.
Dre has written 5 books and created over 150 basketball training programs.
Dre has been blogging since 2005 and on YouTube since 2006. He is the owner of the “DreAllDay” and “Work On Your Game” brands.


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  • BenoEily

    amazing video dre ! Im consistently giving out free artciles on Twitter and I’m writing a book in the meantime to generate income

  • Austin5472

    Great video!! I learned a lot

  • dwilliamson22

    GrantCardone good stuff

  • Thanks! #WOYG

  • Good stuff! #WOYG

  • Keep it up! #WOYG

  • truthb4comfort

    GrantCardone win-win

  • Best so far!
    Topic for future eps: B2b sales !

  • Nickolas_ITE Thanks for the suggestion. What challenges are you facing?

  • truthb4comfort GrantCardone yessir #WOYG

  • CharlesScott1

    Wow @dreallday. Let me start off by saying that I’m a small business owner here in South Florida and I’ve recently been on a struggle rough patch in my swimming pool business. What I find to be the most difficult thing to do is to educate even my own clients on their pools etc., but after watching this three times I sat back and thought, “How can I take this information from your video and apply this to my business because I’m in a service industry?” It just came to me and hit me like a TON of bricks. I literally came up with three free content video ideas that I find to be always being asked and wrong info being given. I’m going to turn into like you said the main influence of info and I’m going to educate not to one person but to many people at the same time. Damn man thanks a lot. @chachi83miami. Elite Swimming Pools inc.

  • CharlesScott1 great stuff Charles! Making yourself the SOURCE of info gives you power because everyone will come to you on that subject. There is definitely a market for premium, free info! Glad to have helped!