Can an electrical contractor benefo from publishing content online? Will anyone even be looking for that? And if so, what should he talk about? Where does it get published? Any ideas, Dre?
Of course.

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  • stevegriggs6

    Always bringing your A game!! Love ur stuff
    I to,advertise w grant cardone tv and do brand awareness w Robert Syslo
    Any tips much appreciate
    Doing the videos and running tv commercial on local tv things are great but want to REALLY blow up
    Ideal clients are high net worth and celebrity
    Ur Electrcial contracting wa awesome
    Keep up,the great work
    Steve griiggs

  • ChipDisk1

    Dre, can you speak on how to build or develop a consistency mind or trate.  Please give some ways in which someone can build this into their life.

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