Grant is challenged to help Straub Motors, a third-generation family GM dealership that has been in existence since 1947. After over 50 years and the ups and downs GM is strong again yet this dealership can’t sell cars. Why? Grant goes undercover and gets to the bottom of what is going on. He spots the sales mistakes that is costing this dealership money. Watch to see if and how Grant can help the Straub brothers not just keep afloat but turn this family dealership into a thriving business.

  • McLain

    Fantastic video! You’ve got something really good here Grant. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the various “business” shows such as Shark Tank, The Profit and Bar Rescue to name a few that I watch frequently. If this video is an example of a show you plan to produce regularly I’ll definitely be watching!

    I’m a small business owner myself and I often get ideas and or motivation from these types of shows. Often times I need some of the same advice I see in these kinds of shows. I’m sure that there are thousands of small business owners just like me that enjoy and probably need this type of content. Keep it up! I’ll be watching if you do.

  • fslayton1

    This is right on! It’s one thing to hear the hype and hyperbole coming from The GC but to see it helping people, that’s priceless.
    This series will definitely put GC into the stratosphere along side G. Ramsey, D. Trump, T. Robbins, and the rest.

  • clarkent

    we used the grant cardone principles at our dealership and they really work……

  • Michael Murdie

    Great show Grant!

  • 10X better than anything on TV, Shark Tank included.

  • pbrasson

    Great show Grant. I’ve been in commission sales / sales management for years. I absolutely love what you do! It’s amazing to see someone else on the same “wavelength”. Your enthusiasm and drive to “move the sale along” …then close it is monumental! Love it! Thank you!

  • Joseph Giannetto

    Just saw the video….BOOM!

  • 123zen

    Just wish you would more shows like this

  • This is SOOO MOTIVATING, Grant!  My sister just got a new job selling cars and I’m so excited to share this with her.  I’m motivated to learn as much as I can from you for my business, too!  Thank you so much for helping people like me who had given up on sales and life.  I’m more motivated than ever before now.

  • What an amazing Episode

  • NewCenturyMen

    Fantastic episode GC!

  • PLEASE SHOOT MORE EPISODES!!!  Hard Core Awesome.  I feel like selling something RIGHT NOW.