RJ is a 2 year recovered drug addict. He shares with Stacy A. Cross, intimate details of his past and the drastic steps he took to overcome it. Today, RJ, has BIG goals with service being the forefront. RJs story should be a reminder that we cannot move forward in our life until we completely get off the rollercoaster, confront our actions, and make amends. His story is one of victory which everyone needs to hear. RJ is a true Comfort Killer and everyday he wakes up with a sense of direction because he is on purpose. Today, we get uncomfortable with RJ about his battles, wins and victories.

  • TheloniousCJ

    Freakin Awesome

  • RickLawson1

    I love the personal responsibility and at the same time understanding that no man is an island. Congratulations to RJ for making his past his best asset and for caring enough to share his story of hope.  Fantastic episode!

  • Thank you for watching Rick! Triumph baby.

  • Thanks for watching killa!