In this episode of “Cardone Zone” Grant reveals the truth about inflation and what you should do about it.

According to Grant, the Federal Reserve is lying to us about inflation. Since we have no control over the cost of items and how our money is being de-valued, earning more money is the only solution for you and your family.

In order to protect yourself, Grant offers some important tips and principles to keep in mind:

1. Don’t trust the fed
2. Inflation is a thief
3. 10X everything except spending
4. Forget about the mediocre mind-set of “I’m all good”

Today is not the day to be comfortable—be on guard, be on-attack and dominate your space.

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  • Ryan Cicchelli

    Im Ready !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Cicchelli

    sup Grant

  • Let’s get it!..

  • Ryan Cicchelli

    10Xing everyday !!

  • always thinking more cashflow…hence the name 😉

  • Grant…. Can I get you on my radio show. The Core Business Show.

  • Ryan Cicchelli

    Jan 22 I will be in Miami !!!!! I would love to meet you . I call your office and they told me to call back when it is closer to the date. Im on it to meet my mentor !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Incremental income from multiple streams is what we should be focused on.

  • why are there milk and oreos on the table? lol

  • DiegoManfredi1

    thank you

  • @Ronald Kobrya Because he’s discussing the fact that inflation is real despite government statistics saying there is only 1% inflation. The price of groceries has increased a lot more than 1%.

  • JasonRaths

    I agree, the government can’t be trusted, I’ve stopped watching the news cause just like you said, there’s nothing but bad news. The press is so biased for political purposes it makes me sick. Mr. Trump has done such a good job of proving this in his campaign. Rather than looking at the facts like you said they try to lull the American public away into believing everything is ok…Just as you said, you should never believe everything is ok, we never know what tomorrow is going to bring in the world or even in the economy…

  • JasonRaths

    A good question if there is no inflation why is the Federal Government trying to raise the nation wide minimum wage to $15.00 an hour???