On today’s special holiday episode of Cardone Zone, Grant discusses when to lower your prices and when not to. According to the National Retail Federation, 135.8 million Americans plan to shop on Thanksgiving weekend and nearly 80% of holiday shoppers—183.5 million—are planning to shop on Cyber Monday. There is no doubt that consumers are wasting no time when it comes to shopping. Just this week, Grant slashed the prices at his web store on all of his products. These are the lowest prices ever—up to 90% off. While these prices are rock bottom, one of Grant’s cardinal rules is, “Never use a lower price to close a deal.” So how is his mega Black Friday/November special different? His goal is to reach 7 billion people and he wants everyone to be able to benefit from his content and is using price to get to more people.

Watch as Grant discusses the difference and suggestions:
1) When to lower prices
2) How to strike while the iron is hot
3) The importance of driving traffic

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  • BrandonLowther2

    SheriSuccess GrantCardone Ms.Hamilton how are you today?Rise Above The Noise – Cardone Zone

  • Jason Silverberg

    Price shouldn’t get in the way of disseminating information to the 7 Billion people on the planet.

  • Claire Schnur

    Wow, I am still listening and reading the Cardone package I got during the RIPOFF promo, at $15 a piece you got to get them.  Ridiculous deals and such good training for sales

  • Claire Schnur

    you lower it now cause you are rising above the noise

  • terril

    because you aren’t working it is already produced

  • EdMonson

    You’re lowering the price because that stuff isn’t making money on your shelf

  • Grant you are the man!!!
    Thank you!

  • Claire Schnur

    kat man doo

  • brettjcoffey

    You lower it now to get people in the door – they recognize the extreme value and buy more at full price later! #CoffeyLife

  • Mr. Cardone, you are the best!

    thank you.

    You lower prices to get attention! grab the space! Like octopus!
    and then, give them another package on a higher price!
    right after they understand that can’t be without you!

  • Carl Cook

    Selling to your existing customer base versus attracting new customers… both important, but how do you view the balance?

  • brettjcoffey

    I have all these products – they are the bomb – at 10x the price they are more than worth it!!!

    You lower it now to get people in the door – they recognize the extreme value and buy more at full price later! Never lower in the close as you devalue your product and your own worth! #CoffeyLife

  • thecreditcowboy

    G tv all Grant all the time

  • thecreditcowboy

    if you create urgency, it help’s
    the flow of the deal

  • Claire Schnur

    You are the best

  • SlickNick702

    You da man GC!

  • bimfortune2

    Great to be in this ZONE 🙂

  • SulaniPerks

    Your entry level products are lower at this stage.. yes it will make you less money initially. BUT more money long term.
    Since this will be your start of sales funnel.
    People who purchase the books,CD or MP3 will be very happy with their investment and also get to know you better and will be in a position to invest large sums of money for your higher end products like the Cardone University.

  • joelbuhr

    Its about getting people to become buyers. Every buyer is a buyer, treat them as a buyer they will turn into a buyer…. of more things, and of higher price tag things.  Its motivating them to take an action to their betterment that is in their best interest.

  • I just started getting my Cardone education hustle on so I’m going to say you lower price to get your previous customers come back as return customers is very important. Then to get persons who haven’t yet learned about the products and services to know about it.

  • Dizzlefoshizzlenizzle

    So I never ask my wife to buy anything any more because 100% she will always say no. But every blue moon I’ll ask just to see if she has changed her mind.
    My conversation today went like this.
    Me: honey I want Grant Cardones MP3 closers survival guide the original price is 39.95 and the Black Friday special is $9.95. You can say yes or no but keep in mind that I will own it. Weather it be today or a couple of months from now I will own it. Do you want me to buy it today or 9.95 or buy it later for 39.95?
    Wife: well it is Christmas and we told each other that any extra money we have would go toward christmas so I’m going to say that the answer is no.
    Me: awesome honey I agree with you and that’s why I love you, your the best!!!

  • John131

    What was that subliminal advertising for at around 6:23?