Today on the Cardone Zone Grant explains how if you make 100K a year you are a rich poor person. The problem is nobody is going to feel sorry for you. If you make $14,000 a year people will feel sorry for you, but if you make $100,000 nobody cares—but both scenarios are broke. There’s no money left over.

Financial planners always ask you about your savings but they never ask you about your income plan. It’s all backward. You need more income. What keeps you from money?

1.Your commitment. If you are committed to 50K you will come up short. Make a commitment to big money. If you don’t make more than 100K a year you have nothing to save.

2.Who’s Got Your Money? Who’s got money around you, what do they need, and what objections do they have? You have to learn to sell and get money from people.

3.You don’t know what to do with it once you get it. Few people know when to invest or what to invest in.

What’s keeping you from money?

Is it your commitment, the fact that you don’t know where to get money, or that you blow it all once you get it?

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    Whats up Uncle G – GrantCardone 

    BeezNutzStl bought that Mastering Objections.

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    collazoerik beeznutzstl FoxyRox ChipDisk I know how you feel, objections are a way of life in sales of any kind. 

    Plus the two E-books are pretty solid and value pack too.

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  • 100k is the new broke

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    Great show!  I own a great music retail store, but because of all the day-to-day business, I sometimes think small! I watch this show to shake that off and THINK BIG!  Thanks again for everything GrantCardone

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    How can we find jobs that pay 300k+?