Grant Cardone, NY Times bestselling author and successful entrepreneur, offers insights and advice to help the middle class break out and achieve true freedom. In this episode Grant focuses on income disparity and explains that rich people continue to get rich because they are focused on getting rich. He offers hard-hitting, eye-opening comparisons of how wealthy people approach money versus the middle class. “Most people aren’t thinking about getting wealthy. They’re thinking about getting by.” Grant explains that how we think about money determines the wealth we create. How our parents raised us to think about money affects us. However, Grant explains that it is up to us to do the following things to create wealth and the freedom that comes with it.

Today we’re talking about the trap called average—“The Average Trap”.

Comfort is commonly thought of as being relaxed and it’s a good thing. Not being worried about payments and where the money is coming from.

The successful constantly push themselves; they go all in on a regular basis.

The Difference Between the Wealthy and the Average:
1. The wealthy are comfortable being uncomfortable
2. The wealthy are goal-focused
3. The wealthy are more confident
4. The wealthy believe money provides choice
5. The wealthy carefully monitor their associations

Here are some takeaways to get you out of the middle of the pack.

4 Steps to Get Out of the Average Life:
1. Make a decision to get out of the middle
2. Don’t rely on the government to keep you safe
3. Focus all of your attention and energy on increasing your income to save 15% per month
4. Make long-term investments that will benefit from inflation

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    You Crushed It Today on the Cardone Zone!!!

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  • bigmarshdawg77

    It drives me nuts when the audio doesn’t match up with lips moving in the video.

  • JPapinczak

    Because there is an abundance of average, it holds no value. Love it!

  • bigmarshdawg77 Why would you even post this comment, It comes from a very bad place. You need to change that stinking thinking. JarrodGlandt GrantCardone

  • Bad advice I got when I was a kid: “Don’t show off. Stay safe. Don’t make waves. Be nice. Money is bad/hard/a struggle.” JarrodGlandt

  • “The goals that the middle class are shooting for are not Freedom Based Choices.” I totally agree JarrodGlandt

  • I believe that you can feel Great about your business AND prosper wildly financially. Same with any other area of life. When you’re having FUN doing what you’re doing then it’s EASY to take massive action. JarrodGlandt

  • In your video editing you should step your sound track 1 second late to fit pictures with sound.  Just to improve your broadcasting quality.

  • ErickaSWilliams

    Make investments along the way when i worked at papa johns and lowes home improvement I took on the lowes 6% match 401k and threw $25-$75 a week into monthly dividend stocks or lending club. You have to bet on yourself. MONEY is about freedom. I went to meetup groups 3 days a week in austin texas and looked for business startups, real estate investing groups, or generally active people. I love the word QUANTUM LEAPS… when i moved from north carolina to austin I was able to grow 10x in friendships, business and associations. I had friends who bought a condo or townhouse every year since leaving college and now own 5 rental properties it can work. It depends.