Today on the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone compares and contrasts the stock market and real estate.

If you invested $1,000 in stocks (one share of the DOW) in 1985 today it would be worth $18,950. The average cost of home in 1985 was $24k and today it is $240K. You don’t make 216K from that, you have to put a new roof on it and paid property taxes for 30 years.

Houses on average went up 10X. There are better investments than this. My properties pay me 10-12% every year and my tenants pay down my debt. With income producing real estate over time debt will go down or value will go up with the property—or both likely. Pay more rent and less in housing. You need renters paying your debt down not you paying it down in a house. In the stock market for every Apple there are 50 that never went anywhere. Don’t make little moves.

Make big moves. Get at least $100K before you start investing. If you want to get rich get income producing properties only. You don’t need stock, houses, gold, or bitcoin. If you can’t repeat it, it’s no wealth because it can’t be duplicated.

Guessing the right stocks and flipping houses are like a casino, you can pick a winner but can you duplicate it over and over again?

Try and start with 16 units—so what if it’s a bigger payment, don’t think small. If you can figure out 4 you can figure out 16. You have to be committed and creative. If you lack creativity to get money, you aren’t committed. If you are ever going to get in the real estate game you must have income and know how to make money.

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  • Stock Market vs. Real Estate? I’d rather own the dirt than the lie.

  • esweg

    Good Real Estate and Art is the way! I agree the market is only good if you are selling it and making commissions not for investing. 

    You keep it real and show the way, my man:)

  • claire schnur

    I have a new name for you “Genius G”

  • Everyone watching….one of the biggest lessons you need to learn is “it takes COURAGE” to make money. I earn more money in a 1 – 20 hour presentation/speech then I’ve made in the stock market in 3 yrs!

    Frickin Courage…

  • I meant 1 to 2 hour presentation….not 20 hours.

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