Grant Cardone explores commissions and how salespeople can continue to earn big. Grant begins this episode siting an article; “The Case for Ending Sales Commissions” which explains threats to commission based pay. Technological advances and new services that help customers make decisions independently plus, the way salespeople work how performance is managed could render traditional commission plans obsolete.

Grant weighs in with his opinions about commissions and breaks it down into these key points.

5 Facts On Sales & Commissions:

1. Everything in life is a commission.
2. Your pay will go down if you don’t get better.
3. You better be fast.
4. You better follow up.
5. You better be the best in your space.

Tune in to learn what impacts your ability to earn and what you can do to continue to continue to get the pay offs you seek.

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    This episode is going to be KRAY! GC going to be fired up.

  • Looking forward to this episode ……

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    A friend of mine works for a large jewelry company and has told me they are starting to talk about cutting comish out of the pay. Bad idea man.. bad freaking idea.

  • Dealer Capital Services loved our new ad that ran on the Cardone Zone today! Thanks Rob and Grant! Follow me DealerCapital Good show today Grant!

  • The sales world is already short on motivated people…you take away the commission, and you are going to lose lots of good people who aren’t ok with that. Commission drives sales!

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  • One you stopped comissions , then sales will be down , and hence people’s motivation will decrease…. well people need to be rewarded on a job well done or simply on a deal being closed !

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    Clay Whitaker DealerCapital bring a game so sick …..

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    Commission will never be dead – for 2 reasons there will always be government officials aka kickbacks baby – and the more you do, grind and hustle the more you separate yourself from the masses and create a demand for your talent  people will always pay for that!

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    GrantCardone Alive and kicking! And it wont go away either.

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    Do you trust a salesman who is on commission? GrantCardone witnation #cardonezone

  • You can’t get ahead on salary! Go for more commission!!!

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  • GrantCardone very much enjoyed

  • @grantcardone great show!  Commish will never die.  It cannot die, it’s a natural law!  Silly bureaucrats.

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    Grant, I bought your closes on CD way back in 99-00. I’ll always remember one specifically. 

    “Sir, it’s not the price. It’s your taste.”

    Fast forward 10 years and I find you on Youtube exactly when I need guidance like this in my life. 

    I just got into real estate and closed an all cash deal for $450000 my first month. That put $8900 cash in my pocket. That’s the most I have ever made on one deal and I’m never looking back thanks to WIT nation. 

    Thanks again Grant !!

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    This is great! Thanks Grant!
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    @Jason Clemons  Commissions will not go away – they will shift to other industries…

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    Love your work Grant !! Your books and videos have changed my life & I cant wait to see you in cancun next month
    All the way From Australia Rob

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    Great Show, loved your saying in Sell or be sold book “Everything in life is a sale & everything you get is a commision” Great Show grant you are reason behind my Sales & life motivation

  • Grant love the show man. You talk about companies needing to grow or foster sales people. I am finding that the company I work for wants sales people but wants them to be already “fostered” ,they don’t want to put in the time or effort yet expect salesman to go above and beyond….Any suggestions on how I can change the culture and thinking of this company, or is it best to abandon ship and find a company that will do the things that need to be done to grow their sales staff.

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    j_richards the NFL trains great talent how to be better — no such thing as just finding talent and then not fostering it… to be better….

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    drtimoconnor I agree…but it can get hammered = people will move to different spaces…to be compensated

  • Yes. If commish gets hammered, people will move. Not everyone wants to work for Apple just because it pays the bills & it’s cool. Real salespeople will find where to go to get compensated for their talents.