This week on the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone unveils the Playbook to Millions, takes callers and solves their problems. You shouldn’t invest in anything except in yourself until you have 100K. You need prosperity. To get wealthy you must learn to increase your income. A lot of people couldn’t afford the $995 special Grant had running on Cardone University last month so Grant is making something more affordable—an offer you can’t deny.

The Play Book to Millions was unveiled today as an affordable way to jump start your income. It’s no secret… you want to make money… BIG MONEY. So many want to make it big, OR want to elevate their game to a whole new level… but simply don’t know the next steps to take. Grant offers today over 35 HOURS of live training on topics from the most fundamental sales skill to some of the most advanced sales, closing, prospecting, and money making strategies including access to a Private FaceBook Group reserved ONLY for fellow participants of the Play Book to Millions course and the ability to interact and network with other like-minded people. There will be a TON of people wanting to participate in this course and because of the support that Grant and his team are going to provide, space will be extremely limited. Head to

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  • What up GC, I’m up for this 10X baby

  • Frank Cerna

    Hello from Colombia my man !

  • Frank Cerna

    When are you coming to Colombia?

  • 2PhoenixProd

    Put that Gorilla DOWN! 10X

  • Frank Cerna

    I want to make my family proud and show my son I can make it out there

  • esweg

    Dude don’t just downplay Cardone U for just the middle class. I am on it and have made over 7 figures for years. This has helped me tremendously both economically and spiritually. I have my 20 year old college son on it to complete his education. He got a great internship from it and is on his way!!!! Thanks Grant and thanks for spreading the gospel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • czechers

    Yo Uncle G, is this going to be included into our Cardone U?

  • AlessandroFoschi

    Thanks Grant the Content, The Attitude and Persistence!!!
    10X Kids is AWESOME
    I am fixing and learning setting right crazy difficult problems….I will FIX and make everything GREAT!!!
    You are HUGE Help and SUPPORT!!!!

  • stacyacross