(Originally Aired May 13th, 2016)

Today on the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone talks real estate. Don’t invest in stocks. Don’t do gold or silver. Don’t do an IRA. The best investment you can make is in real estate. Getting rich is simple.

1.Increase your income
2. Save the extra
3.Invest savings

Grant breaks down why real estate is the best investment and goes over various examples with numbers on the whiteboard. It’s better to get a place with many residents than just one. You don’t want just one door. Let renters pay the debt down. You can leverage your money to a high-degree in real-estate. You can buy a $2 million property for 500K. But to invest 500K you need to save 500K, and that requires a salary larger than 50K.

  • 1moneyhunter

    Great content ad usual uncle G
    David DeVille

  • Steelpaulo

    how did you land on .588 as your number?

  • Steelpaulo

    how does one arrive at  the rate factor number?

  • NewCenturyMen

    Its 6400 not 64k …you’re bad at math GC lol

  • NewCenturyMen

    your calculator is broke GC lol   600 times 100$ 6000 times 12 is 7200….or at 90% occupancy  $6400 per year + 46,800 = 53200 per year

  • Steelpaulo Average “cost” of money based on current loan rates

  • JamesBrewer1

    NewCenturyMen 60 units…. times 100 a month equals 6000 there are 12 months in a year so they would make 72,000 now 72k times .9 because 90% means 64k extra

  • NewCenturyMen

    JamesBrewer1 I watched it again at 18:25 ……Its 60 units. So the math was wrong as he put it on the board.He acccidently added a zero, thats why he got excited. But anyway, the point is buy apartments, not single homes, and I agree totally. His plan is gooood!

  • TheHammer

    Callers…just ask the question and STFU.

  • Babypink1288

    Does this works in Canada?

  • This is a very nice introduction to ACTIVE real estate investing. Nothing passive is going on here. http://alaskarex.com/