Today on the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone talks about the YOUEconomy. Wages are not increasing folks, and we are entering a new economic age. Make a decision to focus on the YOU economy. Take responsibility for your finances—it’s on you. Set a target and start doing the math. Take a second job, whatever it takes to get your money right. The truth is having a JOB means you are Just Over Broke. Your job is to think like an entrepreneur 24/7. Operate with urgency. Money don’t care how old you are. You MUST learn how to sell. Extrovert yourself and make your own economy. The economy ain’t coming back. Jobs are in the middle class. The middle class is disappearing. In 2008 I realized I was too dependent on THE Economy and not MY economy. I changed that and you can too. Get on Cardone University today.

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  • StevenMerlino

    Getting ready for the weekend!!

  • ColtonSanders

    Time to get in tune!
    Increase your income!

  • Tony Airiainen

    Alert alert! Uncle G gonna drop som bombs!!

  • I’m here Grant..

  • wriojas1464

    Going to eat, sleep, breath, speak, Grant Cardone until I’m successful! You rock Grant! – Wesley Riojas

  • RockyEllison

    Landed a major side hustle today (intent for it to take over as sole hustle). sole distributor in whole province of Ontario for Honka Homes Canada (solid wood / Log home shell). What’s sure fire way to get in front of custom home builders and show off our beautiful product?

  • VegasLolita22

    have you heard of the company Realty Shares?? You can invest as little as 5k to buy a piece of mulit fam complex … I make 200k a year but want it to grow where do I put my money??????????????????????????????????????????

  • Ace722

    What up Uncle G!?

  • VegasLolita22

    I have listened to your advice for 15 years.. hence my income.. but I need more!! I don’t want to be in car biz forever.. Where can we put our money we are currently making to grow?    Thanks for all your advice

  • Tony Airiainen

    Uncle G is 100% responsible for my success.

  • This economy is over in a year and a half.  19 Trillion in debt when the GDP can not cover the interest on the loan.   Get ready and be prepared.  Who’s got your money?!?

  • RichardCinta

    How Can We, as a Nation, Get the Money Back from China????

  • VegasLolita22

    I want more money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grant I think you have read “Secrets of the millionaire Mind” recently. If not what was the  most recent book you have read?

  • Tony Airiainen

    When can I buy OBSESSED? Cant wait!

  • jasontevis

    Stick with Grant Cardone If you make cold calls, follow up calls, B2B, B2C, Inbound, Outbound… If you do whatever it takes go to or call me right now (818) 337-6360 and I’ll show you how to increase productivity in your office 10x with our unified business communication software

  • TakodaBrand
  • Uncle G Money…I just jumped on…your live stream interrupted my Cardone U study.  Studying follow up…mind blown.

  • JasonDinner

    VegasLolita22 The One And Only Harv Ecker 😉

  • VegasLolita22

    JasonDinner VegasLolita22  yes!!!  I hear Grant saying things recently that are in Harvs book.. Have you ever been to a seminar??

  • Social Media can help anyone make in this new more excuses

  • JasonDinner

    VegasLolita22 JasonDinner – been to a bunch of seminars and events, but none of Harv’s

  • LaurenBateman

    Watch the whole financial section this morning 🙂

  • VegasLolita22

    JasonDinner VegasLolita22  Ive seen Grant..many many times .. but Id like to see Harv.. just not sure if he is still doing seminars

  • Jarvisj

    Uncle G!!! U0001f525U0001f525U0001f525U0001f525U0001f525

  • Georgi Kostadinov

    Hello Mr.!I've recognized you a few days ago trough Eric Thomas and I’ve been watching the “What ever it takes” show since then. I love what you do and I live in the middle class, I am from Bulgaria and I want to get out of this misery and live life as it is. Get rich, help people and just forget about money problems. I would even like to became a great seller and hopefully one day compete at your level of skill. I started reading books about money and I started saving now. I get 5$ every day that I go to the university from my parents and I save as much as I can every day hiding the money until they get bigger. I am studying computer science, but I also want to learn how to control money. I want to be rich, I started telling everyone as I heard you say and I even change my habits and I am trying to develop the killer you are talking about. I really wanted to ask you if you can give me any advice, even if it is 1 sentence or any book title that i should read I will be forever thankful to you. Thank you Mr. Cardone! I love your work and I hope that I get great enough to meet you one day smile emoticon

  • Atanas Vasilev
  • VegasLolita22

    where do we invest our money???  Your thoughts on RealtyShares?  You invest 5k or more into buying mulit family units with them.. would you jump in? I make 200k a year and I want more.. more more 10x more..

  • ChaddNaugle

    @grantcardone Can I get involved in an affiliate program for Grant Cardone Products?

  • reiquarterback

    Henry Flagler

  • VegasLolita22

    Ill walk up and grab you by your balls if you don’t answer my question… hahah

  • LaurenBateman

    Working on saving that 40% so I can make some major investments. You rock man.



  • Yo Grant;  let’s rock and roll and make some juice

  • G Daddy, Dawg.

  • VegasLolita22

    Grant where would you invest extra cash..  You never talk about investing other than invest in yourself.. I read everything you have.. I make the money I want more.. just need to know where to put it.. ive heard you say don’t invest until you have 100k in the bank.  What do you think of Realty shares.

  • Tony Airiainen

    When we get the obsessed?

  • Will Ragan here….. Love hearing your wisdom brother I was in insurance previously now I am in The emergency vehicle  business Your selling advice and these shows keep me on point and hungry im on pace for that 100k first year . YOU KEEP ME HUNGRYY 10X!!!!!

  • Ace722

    I’m a vet and I decided to enroll in the $995 Cardone U program. It’s completely worth it!

  • love this

  • Gary Cardone here;  trying to get thru on your line and give you some love

  • vanderbilt made anderson cooper…..the biggest rail magnate today is buffett

  • Pk jha

    I strat business small cookware old exchange offer .. by now is not success so what can I do ..
    I’m from Mumbai India I’m not complete my high schools. .
    I don’t have big capital ..
    I’m looking to start new company for making nonstick cookware
    . What can do

  • FilipeSousa

    Rothchild created banking uncle g…

  • Clara Piedalue

    sick opening!

  • Be in control of YOU-ECONOMY GrantCardone spits the truth weekly, thank you for the kick in the teeth! with robertsyslojr show co-pilot doing his thing #hustle #needtobeheard

  • JasonDinner

    VegasLolita22 – you need to listen to more of his podcasts or watch more of his vids. He invests heavily in multi-family real estate and talks about it openly and graciously as being a great way for all of us to invest 😉
    Here are some links to shows he did specifically on this topic and investing in general:

  • jreilly

    Pk jha I don’t know about nonstick cookware – but if you are looking for a way to be successful, check this out. You don’t need your high school degree or big capital but you do need some.

    You can click the link “Get Free Ebook Now” and that would give you an idea to see if it’s right for you. 
    If it’s not – good luck on your journey Pk Jha

  • I’m looking for companies I can help with my services – connect with me on #linkedin