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How to Ripoff the IRS:
1. Every person should be taking 9 exemptions.
2. You DO NOT want refunds. Don’t overpay the IRS.
3. You need to know the law for expenses.
4. Write off anything and everything you can legally.

“To play the tax game, you need cash flow.” – GC

  • michaelostrand3

    Good stuff uncle G

  • hinc1mike

    Once I hit the next level I shall alter my corporation into a non profit 501c and be tax exempt lol

  • hinc1mike

    I have a c Corp and I’m only employee and still haven’t hit that level where I worry about how much irs will take I will soon tho.

  • nLaMeres

    I learn something new every time I tune in, most of the time I’m doing everything wrong, but never too late to change!  Thanks Uncle G!

  • SymanHay

    how can I put pre-tax money into an investment account instead of a 401k?

  • dylanpan

    I’m a starting entrepreneur (21 y/o) making 10-20k/mon. How should I best get started approaching taxes the right way. I’m a dual citizen from Hong Kong, taking massive imperfect action in doing business in US… I know nothing about doing taxes

  • GregoryReyes

    Hey Grant what book do you recommend for taxes?

  • AnnElizabeth1

    That was awesome, thank you.  I feel reinspired and I really needed that boost!

  • Amaizing explanation. I love it. Success is my duty. Thank you so much Mr. Cardone.

  • DirkLeenaerts

    Dear Grant,
    watching the show you did on taxes.I
    usually watch from the “weekly recap” email you send.
    What you
    say makes so much sense to me.To tell
    you the truth I learnt most of what you said in the show the HARD way.We had taxinspectors visiting us a couple of
    years back and they acted just like Gestapo.It still makes me angry thinking about it.
    As a
    European, there are two things that struck me :
    The American has the stereotype of
    loving to pay taxes to Uncle Sam as a support to the Great Nation of the
    USA.It struck me that you feel very
    different about your dear Uncle Sam and even called him a pedophile !This made me laugh and it ridded me of one
    stereotype that still remained in my head.
    You were doing a calculation of one
    of your staff earling 45000 and “only” paying 7000 dollars in taxes and social
    security.You seem to think that is a
    lot of taxes.You better stay away from
    the United Socialist States of (R)Europe (USSE instead of USSR) as we only
    celebrated “Tax Liberation Day” on August 17th this year.This means that 55 to 60 % of our incomes go
    to the system which works out that you work for the system from January 1st
    to August 17th and only after that you get to keep what you
    earn.Think about that !Still it is worse than that !So out of 100 euro we only get 45 euro after
    taxes and Social Security. But when we go spend the remaining 45 euro : we are
    taxed 21% sales tax ! This means that out of 45 euro another 8 euro’s goes to my
    socialist Uncle Belgium.
    This leads me to another thing that
    struck me in your show : you said we better think again who we are going to
    vote for in November.Yes you are so
    right !European Countries have had
    socialist governments for decades now and have created the Welfare Society with
    huge numbers of unemployed, people retiring at age 50 (!), unfit and unable crippled
    people, etc.So very large proportions
    of our population are inactive and kept by the welfare system.These populations have a lot at stake and keep
    the socialists in power.Their growing
    numbers are demanding for wealth re-distribution which means that miniority of
    productive able people are being presented the bill time and time again.Thus the industries move abroad to the East
    of Europe and the Far East.One can see
    that it might eventually lead to the bankruptcy of democracy itself.The majority of the inactive vote that the
    active and prosperous should foot the bill.Hence the bankruptcy of Greece and countries like Spain, Portugal and
    even Italy and the Euro currency in danger.So it is important to not vote for the welfare state.You are so right to point that out.
    My son and
    I are digesting all your stuff as it appears on internet and social media.We purchased already a couple of books for
    ourselves as well as some of our friends as we believe it is of the utmost
    importance that people wake up.We have
    woken up and answered the call to prosperity a long time ago.It is very inspiring to hear you on social
    media and YES we are like minded !
    Antwerp – Belgium

  • Austin5472

    Great video Grant

  • Harry From Jersey BABY

    Hello, Grant powerful stuff Man I’m really amp up and want to drive in right where I stand buddy Question? Im currently a fireman I make over 100k a year and recently obtained my realtor license is it possible for me to set up 9 exemption through the fire department and use money i was losing to taxes to help fund my real estate business please show me my options if any feel free to reach me at [email protected] I just learn about you 2 days ago bro your a good send going for the 10x today YOU ROCK!