In today’s episode, Grant discusses how to triple your income. The truth is people are saving less than ever and the statistics are alarming. A recent study found nearly half of Americans are saving no more than 5% of their income and one in five are saving nothing. A quarter of middle class households are only saving about 15% of their income.

In fact, the only groups able to save any money are those in the top 10%. The only way to solve this problem is to make more money.

Grant breaks down all the numbers and reveals how people are literally wasting their time and earning potential. Watch Grant reveal how to triple your income, utilize your time and solve your problems.

It’s that simple.

Also, as Grant mentioned during the show on Wednesday, October 21st at 2:00 pm ET, Grant will be doing his live webcast with Fran Tarkenton. These two self-made millionaires will be revealing how you can make millions in business. Along with this purchase, you will get Grant’s new e-book, never-before seen videos, books and much more.

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  • beeznutzstl

    Hello GrantCardone, Happy to be tuned in today!

  • MychalBerrySr

    it isn’t hard to triple your income, just listen to Mr. Cardone!

  • FoxyRox

    Loving this Awesome day! Listening in, in Show Me state!

  • Great show. Control time!

  • AlSpencer

    Grant, Robert kiyosaki talks about how getting a high paying job is working backwards due to high taxation and suggest making more money through a business. What do you think about his assumptions?

  • jeffdinges

    You lying used car salesman prick!  This episode is several months old!

  • cmukupa

    His assumptions are very accurate because when you have a high paying job
    1.Earn income
    2.Pay taxes
    3. Spend
    4.Depending on how you file your taxes you might owe.
    Business owners:
    1 Earn income
    2. Spend
    3. Pay taxes
    So would you rather pay taxes on $100k or pay taxes on what is left of that $100k income?

  • 22Ryann

    jeffdinges Why is that relevant?

  • Kangenteamgpm

    Hahaha I love Grant, mans changed mylife, but you have to admit, this comment is kind of funny!

  • MychalBerrySr

    jeffdinges he’s to busy out there killing deals, and knew you didn’t remember all of the key takeaways from this episode!

  • AlvaroJoseMartinezTinoco

    How relevant is that? I bet you have not put anything he has put out here into practice and that is why you bitterly complain Jeff. You sound lile those guys who only read a good book once and expect the book do a miracle on you, even better, like those out of job who go out to look for one praying God not to find it lol!


    The middle class is the new poverty line