On today’s episode, Grant talks about something that even some of the 2016 presidential candidates could use a few tips about—how to sell yourself. Simply showing up is not enough. Grant discusses how some of the GOP candidates may have been on-stage, but they didn’t show-up to blow-up.

Watch Grant discuss these three rules to selling yourself:

1. Show up, and then show up again — then show off
2. Claim the stage as the authority
3. Sell who you are

Think of your life as a movie and remember you are the producer, director and writer. That being said, it is invaluable to learn how to present yourself in a moment and command an audience.

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  • BOOM!!!!!

  • show up and show out!

  • Ryan Cicchelli

    Show up !!!!!!!

  • Ryan Cicchelli

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  • Cardone Zone BABY…way more heat than the sorry debate #GCTV #CardoneZone

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    Lets do THIS!!!

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    Yes sir thanks for the shout out Grant!!!

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    nope not this guy always sharing !!!! share Grant with the world

  • Mike Soekawa

    Thank you GC for the passion! Love this!

  • he said “trying to close a sell”…man that’s like a saleperson’s worst words to ever spit…Don’t TRY….JUST DO IT!

  • Grant – I had a job interview following your 12 steps to a job. The hiring manager was so impressed she got the sales manager and Vice President to interview me 2 days later! At the end he said I want to speak with your references before we hire you. I sent the hiring manager my references but they haven’t called them yet. Very frustrating!

  • MadFaxer don’t get frustrated…you are the shizzle if they don’t know that their problem. Move on to the next sale baby!

  • hinc1mike

    What’s the best way to ask someone for money door to door

  • NewMexTraveler

    The best Salesmen that gets there point across wins the race!

  • Stopped using business cards years ago.I tell ppl all the time you won’t remember Kenetra but you’ll never forget the CashFlow Queen baby! You have to be full of yourself in sales.

  • luis365

    Hey Grant, quick question: a big part of selling yourself and selling in general and success is your state. So what do you do when something in your personal life affects your state? How do you stay in state during those times?

  • Hey GC…Best way to get TV interviews?

  • chadpittenger

    If I don’t Know You….I Can’t Flow You….. GC #BeGreat   Best Golf Fitness Trainer in California

  • Tims42

    Ive been trying to blow up my Facebook page I created for the dealership I work at. What is a good way I can maximize the people i can reach

  • Kevin

    Hey Grant,

    I want to take my 1 month sales cycle, and reduce it to 2 weeks.  What I truly want is to get the close, before the end of the cycle so I can always hit my number.

  • MandyArthur

    What is the #1 mistake salesmen make that prevent them from getting the sale?

  • CarrilloOnFire

    I share you with my Real Estate network of over 3000 people every week! Those 3 points are worth millions!

  • joe

    My man. Do a door pitch for knocking doors for hail damage

  • Flint Garder

    What would you say about Gandi’s type of presenting? Do you feel he claimed the stage?

  • hinc1mike

    My problem I have is telling a client to get on the bike like you did at Harely Davidson. I’m to nice how do I get firm and issue commands

  • brettjcoffey

    Grant be in your hood Nov 12-15 you still heading out of town?

  • JeffColon

    Perfect practice makes perfect

  • oh and the projections for the last two months of the 2015 year ain’t shabby…I’m going to surpass the goals and write a book about the process! BOOM!

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    Follow my page and watch it grow this year! https://www.facebook.com/NewMexicoTraveler?hc_location=ufi

    I am out in the public showcasing businesses in New Mexico with pictures and lifestyles of awesome people in the state.

  • Thanks Grant! I’ve learned so much in a short time!

  • MandyArthur not going out and asking for the sale…I.E. not enough ACTion

  • FrankTheTank94_


    When networking with people, how do you sell yourself as ” I want to become a self made millionaire and meet people with the same mindset.” When most people will just laugh because that is something the usually don’t hear.

  • FrankTheTank94_


    When networking with people, how do you sell yourself as ” I want to become a self made millionaire and meet people with the same mindset.” When most people will just laugh because that is something they usually don’t hear.

  • cashflow_queen MadFaxer You’re right! They will regret not hiring me.

  • JeffColon

    Can i get a hat grant

  • hinc1mike Hi my name is___ would you give me money? LOL I’m being a smart ass but just go out and present your stuff man and tweak it until you get it down to a point where you are closing sale after sale after sale

  • FrankTheTank94_


    When networking with people, how do you sell yourself as ” I want to become a self made millionaire and meet people with the same mindset.” When most people will just laugh because that is something they usually don’t hear? …

  • tylerderbs

    Man that was an interesting live stream. I’m going to try to call in next time so we can talk about the future of live streaming.

  • BlessingsWide

    Louis Westbrook,  Grant bless you brother!! #showup

  • Todd Tindall

    how do can you more attention for your company when they only want to rely on web searchers and tech events? I feel we are missing so many companies out there. We are a mobile advertising Tech company helping businesses maximize their ROI on marketing campaigns

  • FrankTheTank94_ If they are laughing, you need to X them from your network. Get around ppl that have the lifestyle you desire and just become a student. Don’t try to convince ppl you are going to become a millionaire…SHOW them thru your work ethics and ACTION.

  • kshawYALL

    JeffColon Call into our Office- 310-777-0255

  • WOW! Seriously? NBC blocked this video???

  • dee

    I wont lie I am guilty of lots of hand gesture. How do you stop yourself from doing it. Do I practice like you teach to video yourself and watch to see if you’re doing it less?


  • wrcosentino

    MadFaxer Man, did you hear GrantCardone ‘s answer to your question?  It was EPIC!  It was somewhere around minute 30…check it out.

  • wrcosentino

    MandyArthur Mandy, read Sell or Be Sold and it will answer that question and many more! I’m reading it right now.

  • wrcosentino

    UncleG, just keep dropping dam gold every single time. I can listen/watch you ALL day long and learn every single time. Own the Stage baby!!

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    The youtube video got blocked



  • I would like a hat.

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  • lol awesome

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    FrankTheTank94_ Go to live events where entreprenuers love to hang out. This is where I connect with some of the most motivated and energetic people. EVENTS, EVENTS, EVENTS!!! They are worth every penny just in the connections you make.
    Events with Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris, etc…

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