On today’s episode Grant Cardone talks about why so many of us are dragging and how to get pumped-up and rebooted for the new year. 2016 is just around the corner and it’s important to renew, replenish and revive yourself for a fresh start. Don’t forget about 2015 just yet though, because there is still plenty of time left to close deals and make money this year. However, it’s important to also think ahead and set yourself up for success. Tune-in to hear Grant Cardone discuss three ways to reboot yourself:

1. Write goals everyday
2. Remove blocks
3. Add skills

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  • I Am Here, Alain Stout from Takoda! 🙂

  • Ryan32593

    GrantCardone what would it take to get your autograph? I’ve decided to start a collection ever since I started chemo & radiation thanks!

  • It’s good to be back in the Cardone Zone #CardoneZone #GCTV

  • We on track to dominate your space and the marketplace. #10×2016

  • kparkins

    How do I grow my referral sources? I want car salesman to send me their referrals when they have a buyer that doesn’t have insurance, or even people with insurance that want to shop around rates.

  • GrantCardone I Send you some gifts from Takoda, and want to take you for the personal Note card you send unexpected back! That was awesome because you don’t have to and still did! 😀

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    Bruh Cardone always be preaching the truth !!

  • BrayanFajardo

    Ima leave this playing as i shower this to good to miss haha

  • MrJoe

    Grant, I want to pay to work for you! Just being in the same room would give me a 10x return.

  • #CardoneRulesOfSuccess
    1. Write your goals daily.
    2. Remove the blocks.
    3. Improve your skills.

  • hey GC

    glad to catch you live

  • GrantCardone If I don’t have the chance anymore to talk to you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 😀

  • andres22791

    it would be even less 1,000,000 = 326,644.29

  • ClausOffersen

    1. Write down massive goals! 

    2. Remove blocks and get around great people!

    3. Add skills – decide to become a master, an expert!

  • Paul Saunders

    Change my thinking.  Decide what I want!!!!
    Paul Saunders

  • I can get under people’s skin but nothing can make me go 10X, need some motivation GC!!!

  • – Keep Fighting
    – Execute
    – Win/Win & Never Loose
    – Don’t B Afraid
    – Believe in Yourself
    – Dream and Dare to Think Greater than Possibilities
    – No Limits
    – Live by Your own Terms and Rules
    – Stand our of the Crowd
    – Follow Your Deep inner Voice, burning Desires & Flaming Passions
    – Use Your Life Full and Leave it Empty
    – Everyone Unique in his/her Own Way Authentic
    – Stay strong
    – Be Patience, Do it while you Wait
    – Behind or in Front of the Curtain for everyone a position and gap to fill 🙂

  • Kevin

    Thank you for 10x, for all those watching, if my parents knew what inflation would be like 40 years ago they would have told me to set my goals high.

  • NewMexTraveler

    What if your office is in your home till you go to the businesses to get them to sign the contract? lol

  • He does not need motivation he needs a clear vision of what he wants…

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    i am trying to call in but I’m using my house phone but sense caller id is set as private it wont let me go threw…

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    You’re my “morning sales meeting” since I’ve gone out on my own. Dig the energy. Crazy $#!t lol.

  • you speak the truth GC

    you should have a show on TV

  • BrayanFajardo

    Great session i fell off your program last year because i let other influence and distract me from investing in me and now I’m ready to make 2016 my bitch 10x is life !

  • Kevin

    Wayne Dyer

  • ChrisLancaster

    The journey , the destination ..it’s all of it .. I would enjoy the trip if I was on 10X airlines 🙂 … I choose to enjoy the whole process.. let’s blow up in 2016 !!!

  • chadpittenger

    Always Bringing the BOLD Truth!!!  Nobody Gives & Gives More than You Grant!  Changing Businesses and Changing Life for the Better….

  • Grant- great show. I want to promote your special on our site. spottedfoxnorthwest.com. Cost $0. Email me ASAP so we can roll. [email protected]

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    MrMarcoCruz Happiness is a Choice, YOUR Choice


  • powerful show.

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    I never watch this show w/o pen and note pad

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    G$ & great GC staff- when can i pay my hard earned $ for your SOLD OUT 10X planner on your blow out sale grantcardone.com

  • Lol your the man! Best stuff here!

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    Does anyone know the name of the theme song? Searching everywhere to no avail.


    MartinEastwood BASSNECTAR – EMPATHY