How to Know when to invest?

Grant Cardone has special guest twin brother Gary Cardone—CEO and Co-founder of Chargebacks911 on the Cardone Zone. Get your business, career, and finances right!
92 Million people in America are underemployed. What people should be doing now?
Make more money! Gary is now of the mindset of not buying anything unless it produces income or energy. A house is not an asset, it’s a liability. There’s no reason to own a home. Don’t buy a car, lease a car. Only buy something that produces income or energy. Why buy a house? For your ego? A fantasy that has been sold to you? Suzy Orman is wrong!

Gary also says when making cold calls he uses a strategy to hit a company three different ways, contacting
1. The CEO
2. The COO
3. The CFO

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    I get what yall are saying about housing, but you’re paying those expenses whether you own or rent.  The landlord doesn’t pay the taxes and maintenance costs for you and not pass it along.

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    This thing has been on my mind like crazy, I think I can just go to the bank and get money to buy a million dollar residential building..tell me what do about it…I called and nobody picked up

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