Are you burned out? Grant gets asked, “how do you do all this stuff you do?” and “how do you balance it all?” First off you don’t want balance. Burning out is a reduction of fuel or substance. You are not a candle so you can’t burn out. When the things you do no longer fulfill you, you might start to feel burned out. You need a reason.

1. Understand the definition of burnout. A rocket runs out of fuel so it stops ascending to its target. You have fuel too. The body needs food—fuel. But what do you need? What you need is purpose.

2. Find more purpose. Purpose is fuel that can keep you ascending. Your purpose can sustain you.

The truth is you need to be obsessed or be burned out. The average burn out because average doesn’t get you excited. Are obsessed or average?

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  • CarlosCastellanos2

    Golden nuggets are for weanies, GC drops HUGE mountains of gold. Let the show begin!

  • Handling burnout….I already know what GC is gonna tell us…get ’em GC

  • Lovelace the pornstar

    You have to stay burned out to avoid burn out. Its like lifting weights you have to add weight to build muscle. You have to add more opportunities to your calendar and get in front of more people everyday.

  • Austin Jones

    First time watching Uncle CG LIVE!

  • Austin Jones


  • Austin Jones

    Come man (call in) get to it…

  • Austin Jones

    I have all GC books, MUST buy…. in 18 months I have gone from 72K to 124K  only starting 28 yrs young.

  • Austin Jones

    Uncle G give a Young Hustler a SO

  • Leku Percival

    Keep it right, keep it tight, keep it fresh!

  • Change the way your customers think, feel and talk about your business. #GrantCardone #thecardonezone

  • WallyCarmichael

    That’s Badass Grant. I just received my copy this morning. I will read it this weekend.

  • WallyCarmichael

    Grant, I have seen a few men burn out from over work. But they were all Army occupations such as Medics or Battle Captains.