With 93.1% of small businesses earning annual revenues of less than $250k and 57.1% with revenues of less than $25k, it pays to understand why small businesses are failing. Obviously, every business is unique, but there are some common causes for disaster.

On this week’s episode, Grant discusses the five reasons (below) that businesses are flopping and how to avoid this pitfall:

Small Business Blunders

1) No one knows who you are
2) You are too small
3) Don’t grow fast enough
4) Don’t invest enough money
5) Don’t make money

Grant also goes one-on-one with callers and teaches them about the importance of acting like a business owner.

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  • Ernie Velasquez

    1) No one knows who you are
    2) You are too small
    3) Don’t grow fast enough
    4) Don’t invest enough money
    5) Don’t make money
    Whatever it Takes: http://grantcardonetv.com/video/cardonezone/how-to-grow-your-small-business-2/#ixzz3u2Hwl5Dr

  • Zoe Nation

    What should sales people do when they ten x the target and others get jealous?My husband was fired because he read your book went over the target and it caused so much resentment from the mediocre coworkers that they turned on him and made it out like he was not a team player . He is an art dealer in London.Any advice on how to get what you want and be a team player at the same time?

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    @Zoe Nation  most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read

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