In this edition of the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone tells you to GET RICH. Every Friday he gets you in HIS zone and today he tells you all about the R Word. Mommy and daddy told you not to talk about money. Talk about money. Not just enough money. The people who have money are in control. They make decisions. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3K, 4K, or 6K. It’s not enough.
Only 1% of people are rich. The other 99% hate on them. Focus on earning income, not saving money.

1.Make a decision to get rich
2.Tell the world about it
3.Develop a killer and do whatever it takes
4.Set targets and follow them up like a maniac
5.Invest every penny you have

It’s easier to get rich one time than stay poor for a lifetime!

  • QUESTION: Difference between pitching to customers and pitching to investors (angel investors and VC’s)? NIcktheoret

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    Jim Cramer tells me to get rich carefully

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    Chiheb Bouhanaf nice to see ya again.

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    Jonhny Homelus, I m in network marketing with Jeunesse Global, I would like to have a follow up system

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    Just Got here from facebook, IM DONEE UNCLEE G!!!!

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    Chris Wheeler – QUIT SMOKING TODAY ->

  • Can you talk about attaching 10x money goals to a purpose?

    -Seth, Irvine CA

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    Grant, thanks for all the value you bring to everyones lives. People just don’t understand the poor can’t help the poor!!!

  • All those economic numbers point to poverty, and government perpetuated it on purpose #GCTV #CardoneZone

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    RIck BIllings –

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    Mr Cardone when you see this tell the world my business is Cedar Valley Custom Services were a landscaping company and the world will know my name same as you

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    I’m reinventing the smartphone projector, whatever that means, whatever it takes! Follow @robbglow on Twitter to get the down low!

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    Grant thank you for the special on CardoneU! I’m starting my first sales job next week and moving down to Miami. I wouldn’t have the confidence and competence without using my last few bucks to purchase everything you had.

  • Mr. Cardone, I am coming to Miami in 3 weeks.  Would love to have you sign my book and thank you for the daily motivation.

    Dustin Cota
    Cota Creative – Design & Marketing

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    Invest to Get Rich!!!

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    The bigger my Vision got the smaller my inner circle got!  Negative people have to go!!!!

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    I’m happy being humble….SYKE… I WANT TO BE RICH!!!!!!!!

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    Cant rely on single income any more – it’s a multi stream game that you have to 10X!!!

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    Who’s Got My Money!?!

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    ” Don’t watch pennies, watch Cardone Zone ” – BeezNutzStl

  • jennsarinana YES, MAM…weak people gotta go…they’re poison

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    Invest to Get Rich!!! #10XLife U0001f525U0001f525U0001f525U0001f525U0001f525

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    Thank you for all you do Uncle G! Jarvis in Laguna Beach CA

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    WOW uncle G dropping Bombs!!

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    If you rely on a singe income get a big lunch it’s a multi stream game now you have to 10X more than one stream!

  • Jarvisj

    Invest to Get Rich!!!

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    Hey Grant, great stream, keep it up, your motivating me more and more everyday. Someday i’ll do business with you when I will have my own company and will need sales training for my employees!

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    You saved my life Grant. Thats not me bring over-dramatic;
    You saved my life.  I don’t have much, but if I could take to you for 1
    minute via phone call, I can send $200 via paypal. 614_943-5333

  • Gotta 10X whatever income ya got.

  • I’m excited! Singing for Uncle G today 🙂

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    Uncle G got that F*** U Money!!!

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    Loving the show man. Much love from Holland!

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    Best college program you can take is Cardone U in my second year – its been life changing!!!

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    you know what sucks? when i was growing up you strove to be rich and studied the guys who are. Now the atmosphere is the 1% are evil. The gov’t created this ridiculous crap. Stops innovation, imagination, and progress. Keep spreading the gospel. I wouldn’t want to go back to being poor ever again!!!

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    “No need to bitch when you’re rich!” hahaha 

    True Uncle G!!

  • DavidMotyka

    What would you recommend for a fellow 20 year old wanting to succeed and become rich working two jobs and going to school fulltime? Save money and invest in the real estate or stocks?


    Sales is like being a killer.. To go get something that doesnt want to be caught and trapped and bring it back home!

  • lorenzo_pierre

    I made that decision when I was introduced to Grant last year & never had any regrets

  • Even Jay Z said being broke is a great motivator to get rich

  • DavidMotyka

    Hey Grant, I am a 20 year old, been working for a Canadian fortune 500 company while going to school full time in engineering. What would you recommend for the future? Save and wait until I can get into real estate or invest into stocks??


    You can’t gain sales muscle hanging around people who wont work out themselves!

  • SoHail22

    I’ve been wanting to ask you one question ever since I saw the episode about how to become a millionaire. The man asked you what advice would you give your 20 year old self. You said dive deep in the ocean dont go into the fields that have jobs available like accounting therefore my question is what field is the ocean? Stocks, real estate finance?????

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    I wanna pitch thw h20 how again

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    thank you uncle g!!

  • DavidMotyka

    Hey Grant, I am a 20 year old, been working for a Canadian fortune 500 company while going to school full time in engineering. What would you recommend for the future? Save and wait until I can get into real estate?

  • I’m getting rich!

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    Im gonna be RICH!

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    Thank you Uncle G!!!!


    Thanks for another great show Grant! You never disappoint us!

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    When Grant says “I need to blow up my instagram” .. then i know what i need to start working on ..

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    Difficult to watch theseon the ps4. When the first ad tries to load it just hangs. Come on uncle g get the web team on it please!!

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    What is more important Skill to master first . Prospecting and Following up or Closing the deal ?
    Thank you