Grant Cardone is here to tell you in today’s episode of the Cardone Zone a financial warning that there is going to be a wreck. If you knew a wreck was coming, would you prep? The Japanese stock market dropped 5%. The US stock market is off to its worst start since 2008. There is going to be a blood bath. A splatter. And it’s gonna hurt. 47 million Americans already live in poverty. 43% of Americans spend more money than they make every month. Wealth has dropped 28% for middle class Americans over the past 12 years. The government has 19 trillion of debt that nobody knows what to do with.

You need to know these facts. There is evil on this planet. Bad things happen. Walk around with your eyes open. Grant doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news, he just wants to warn people about the storm ahead and the need to be aware. Be on alert. You need financial competence. 21% of Americans don’t even have a savings account. The next financial collapse is not of matter of when, but how deep and how long.

Save money so you can invest money. Learn how to promote and market yourself. You need to build the money muscle. And remember, nobody gives you more than Uncle G!

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    who is ready for Cardone Zone today! Where are you tuning in from?

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    Lets go! 10X time baby! Bad things happen to good people.  Get your Finances Right.

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    Come on GC let’s get this started… in sunny tropical Pennsylvania….okay it’s friggin 9 degrees outside but I’m getting all fired up about the show!

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    Tuning in from Montana… ready to find ways to better get ahead and get attention

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    davethefishguy1 Here in Pa too!

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    TheRobertHanley davethefishguy1 What part?  I’m in Gap Pa….just east of Lancaster.

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  • Hey Uncle G, I follow you, I promote you, I promote the hell of you, and you fail to follow me back… Come on [email protected] Thanks G!

  • hinc1mike

    How do you find the inner strength to keep working when your mind tells you to quit?

  • TheRobertHanley

    hinc1mike Are you writing down your goals twice a day?  That helps you keep your eye on the prize.

  • Faith and massive action conquers all fears baby!

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  • Do business with mrmarcocruz in Dallas area. Financial services follow me @mrmarcocruz

  • beeznutzstl

    TheRobertHanley hinc1mike I like something I picked up [email protected] a recent show, writing goals up to three times a day, once in the morning, once at night and when problems arise.

  • RafalR

    Great Grant Cardone !!! Hello from Japan

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  • brettjcoffey

    I don’t have it all handled but my guess is people aren’t looking to stack paper notes under their pillow – people want money for what it can do for them – so get it handle so that it is like air and you don’t have to think about. My dad who was very old school died with a house worth 600k government took a massive chunk so it was really worth nothing when he could have positive cash flowed it!

  • esweg

    that is golden and i don’t sell cars! You need 3-5 appts a day to increase your revenue. It works but for most it is hard. real hard. You have to make it your mission and routine to do it everyday.

  • Ken SellingRaleigh

    GC is right.   Get your numbers straight.   3 appts a day and Grant’s follow up system.  You won’t close them all in one day.  You need to follow up so, now your following up everyday with multiple leads.  You will fill your pipeline and close every week.  Be a 10x animal.

  • davethefishguy1

    We all have DNA so we can all learn the GC 10X and the Crush it mentality!

  • We gotta adapt to new trends, disruptive models,
    technology, and where you see the most value. Keep your mind open and be a
    possibility thinker. Ignorance can and will be EXPENSIVE. Netflix killed
    Blockbuster, AirBnb has no real estate, but is the largest accommodations provider,
    Uber is killing the Taxi drivers, and my company LegalShield is disrupting the
    legal industry without owning any law firms!

  • Grant,

    you and your show have changed my life.  I am a retired police officer due to injury, but 20 years ago i started a credit repair company and now evolved it into an Attorney based credit repair company.  My company is the most effective credit repair company in the U.S..  Your statement of “If you are going to get a “no”, get a “no” on your terms.”, changed my life, and I 10x all my activities which should net me 2 million for 2016.  I am a creole brother that relates with you man.

    The other sick concept I got from you is not being “obscure” and push yourself into markets.  Get out of obscurity!!!!

    I want to know if there is a need for an Attorney based credit repair company for your current and I thought of getting people financing for your larger Cardone packages or for your upcoming real estate investors.  I also build corporate credit where we can secure up to 45 million.

    I have already sent you videos reaching out to you and Jarrod, and will continue you send me a “cease and desist” letter, but you say i need to “persist and desist”, lol.   You are a true American hero.

    Aaron Jones
    Credit Repair By Attorney

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    CreditRepairByAttorney @888JC888 inspiring mindset; looking forward to a collabo soon…

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    Great show! Thank you Grant for all you do!

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    Amen to all you say Grant!..I have never encountered a better personality about business and financial litteracy!..My respects to you from Czech day I’ll sit with you in power players!

  • MychalBerrySr

    nothing but pure motivation. Thanks for the kickstart Grant

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    I Love Your Skills. Thank You For Helping Us!

  • beeznutzstl

    great show, got some serious work done the past hour.

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    Uncle G is the Master Closer!! 10XRULE book Rocks Baby!

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    Thank you Grant you do motivate me, I love you for that!

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    Awesome show.

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    Thanks GC….10X world here I come!  Thanks for the motivation.


    Grant you are just so rare and real.I really appreciate EVERYTHING you do day to day.Thank you for creating Sell Or Be Sold that was the book that changed my life and every time I listen to your audio book it keeps helping me so much.Thank you Grant for taking the time to share SO MUCH unbelievably valuable content!!Gob Bless you and your family.
    -Cynthia Saucedo

  • beingjohnmartin

    Grant – do you think the decline of the middle class since 1971 is due in part because of the US moving off of the gold standard? Just curious because you mentioned the decline, and I know a lot of people in the financial sector have been saying that since we went off the gold standard that the middle class and poor would get hurt the most because of it.

  • JaimieSell

    Thanks for the great content like always Uncle G!

  • Silverbull21

    GrantCardone There’s one safe place to park money until the dust settles. #Gold instantly liquid, outside the North American banking system

  • JeremyMcGhie

    To the guy thats came on at 39minutes where are you buying property for $35,000 to $50,000 and getting $800 to $1000 rent please tell me.

  • AlphaHaynes

    Thanks for the [email protected] ! You can follow me to see if I fail in the next 4 [email protected] 😉

    “Those who criticize on the hustle have given up on the hustle themselves.” -GC

  • ChrisPrado

    Opened a new sales division at my company, new to sales and have been studying at CardoneU, any tips to prepare now for when the storms hits and everyone freaks out? Thanks in advance.

  • Tristan

    You lit an inferno under my ass Grant. Thank you.

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    I’m on [email protected]_Prado_

  • Thanks GC! Hard to call you uncle G when I’m 51. Love your content , listen to you 2-3 hrs. daily. Got in sales in 82′, about the same time you did. Organization crumbled around me and I’m in the process of rebuilding. Thanks for all your help. Rainbow Mike from PGH.

  • GrantCardone I’d love to have the link to the info and stats you went over on the show. very valuable information, thank you for educating us, rocks thank you.

  • AldoBram

    Hey GC I have been listening to you since last year I work for Galpin Honda. And your material increase my sales scale up 50%. Thank you for what you do.

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    Great show! Love it – greetings from South Africa.

  • Forget Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone is doing more to help people with their lives than Tony! Keep going Grant, share the info, wake-up the people!

  • Jose

    Gary thinks skills are on people’$ dna but you think otherwize and I agree with you Grant
    It can be taught. Gary is a good motivational speaker only that. Don’t get me wrong he is good but I have seen the best one all across the board, a living legend GC.