On today’s episode, Grant discusses how he defines financial responsibility and practices it as part of his daily life. The truth is, most people don’t even know what they have—which is a major violation of financial responsibility. What you pay attention to is where you get results.

Watch as Grant explains his simple four step process and how to incorporate it in to your daily life:
1. Commit
2. Confront
3. Control
4. Commit again

If you want to achieve financial responsibility, this is a simplistic strategy to do so.

How often do you review YOUR finances?

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  • Undray4000

    Lets do this!!

  • algarin_enrique

    Teach me your ways

  • jhernandez07

    Thanks to GrantCardone we have once again doubled our sales in October! We are on the Phone University and study all the time!

  • David Carino

    HUGE light bulb moment!  – COMMIT, CONFRONT, CONTROL!  Every freakin day!

  • Grant what a great Show! You just need to make more money. Drill it down to root, then you can fix the problem. If anyone reading this needs a way to make more money you need to check this out. http://millionsonline.flowcharttowealth.com .If you continue to do what you have always done you will get what you have always got. It is time to either step up or step off

  • Ingrid Shank

    I love this!