Dollars aren’t tied to gold. Your money is dying—it’s going down in value each day. That’s why you need to get as much money as you can as fast as you can so you can put it into assets that will blow up. Money that just stays money will die.

The problem is that you are being educated by people who are teaching you things from a bygone era. Middle class wages are flat and they won’t be going up again. You must simplify this. If it doesn’t produce income, don’t do it. When interest rates go down, debts go down, and assets go up. It’s all artificial. Your money is going down in value. Get rid of it and put it into assets, but wait until you have $100K saved. You need to first understand basic economics—you want it, they have it, go and ask for it. In 1960 the minimum wage was $1.60. That was worth $2 more than minimum wage is worth today even though the dollar amount is higher.

4 Things to get untrapped:

1.Make yourself valuable.
2.Collect money.
3.Grow money.
4.Collect assets.

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  • Grant, I’d love to see your podcast on Google Play Music. Us Android users would appreciate it! 🙂

  • hinc1mike

    I wonder if grant thinks all people could be rich or if it’s only for a select few

  • hinc1mike He’d probably agree that anyone who wants to has the opportunity. So many people settle for the middle class and don’t even entertain the though of being rich.

  • $100k is your number to invest in your first deal. But how much money should you have in the bank in total to throw down the $100k?

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    Can’t call in to the number.  Are you taking call-ins today? 


  • @Ben The number on Facebook says 305-865-8668. That’s the one you tried, right?


    DougBeney hinc1mike Agree totally!!! Everyone COULD but only a few WILL… The problem is that most people do not think is possible, and second of all don’t know how…

  • Grant,  Do you ever consider building new apartments vs buying already built?

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  • Jonathan D James In one of his past shows he said he would never.

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    Best Show to Date!

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