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Today Grant is talking about Donald Trump. Do you like him, love him or hate him? Whether he makes president or not politics don’t matter—economics matter.

How to Market Your Business:
1. You must learn to promote like Donald Trump
2. You need to promote always
3. Use all noise as fodder for your fire
4. You have to stay relevant

We need a businessperson to run this country. We have Apple computer pushing more money overseas than in the US. They are avoiding taxes and putting jobs overseas.

Learn how to market, brand and sell at the same time. I’ll be giving out Millions on the Phone on August 20th at 5 PM, go to

Donald Trump has international attention… he’s literally hijacked all of the news channels and networks. No other politician can get in there while Donald is in control! Love him, hate him—just make sure you LEARN from him.

Watch the full episode and listen to the podcast to hear the full take on Donald Trump and his promotional machine.

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  • BOSS Cardone in da house..a blessing on Friday mid-day #GCTV #CardoneZone

  • I like Donald

  • Traci Holmes

    So excited to hear the arguments on this show. Hopefully can hear both sides of the story.

  • Tim Brooks #Trump2016 #MAGA BABY!!!!

  • I like Grant better

  • Donald from hated to loved

  • tinder

  • Justin Ayers

    I could see a Trump and Cardone bumper sticker

  • Justin Ayers

    Grant should be Trumps running mate

  • PaulDeLeo10X


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  • Kindling

  • RichardHalll

    In the spirit of saying what’s good about him, Donald is good at making money and branding himself.

  • tastetwist


  • MaryRosado

    Hustle lunch! Grant is a NEVER miss

  • svinsonhaler

    Donald changes the conversation, he challenges the status quo and nobody can control him.  He’s bold, tells it like it is and doesn’t care what people think.  Why not Donald Trump for President?

  • Here’s one important point: Trump is also a MASTER salesman like GC…he mastered the game of sales via commercial real estate #GCTV #CardoneZone

  • MaryRosado

    Trump and I have common interests-REAL ESTATE! @marynjmg #cardonezone

  • GrantCardoneTV1
  • AbsolutelyJucy

    I look forward to this every Friday, when you’re live!

  • AbsolutelyJucy

    Read 3 of his books and listen to 2 audiobooks, The Donald!

  • RichardHalll

    Donald Trump is VERY good at getting attention….any kind of attention.

  • Trump, another example that there is no overnight success. Almost 50 years building his brand and reaping the benefits now.

  • hinc1mike

    I love getting new motivation and it’s just like putting wood to make my fire blaze

  • svinsonhaler

    GC you are right on the money with Trump.  No matter what he does and says, we are all still talking about him.  Marketing genius!

  • BryantKeefe

    Funny to hear losers hating Trump because his “Dad” started him in the family business. Go build something then come talk.

  • LJCA1

    Trumps wrote ‘art of the deal’ the ‘sell or be sold’ of his time. He’s built incredible buildings, hotels, jobs. I know a lot of kids who started with “dad” money and have created nothing. That caller was a hater.

  • tastetwist

    whhhhatt? hahhahaah dont hang up on the G-DOG

  • RichardHalll

    GC for president!

  • NutritionMilitia

    Grant where can I send you and your staff some all natural Neon Energy drink?

  • Trump & GC…they’re both BOSSES dawg #GCTV #CardoneZone

  • Nicole Anderson

    So funny I was just talking to someone yesterday about asking you what you thought about Trump but was told that you wouldn’t want to discuss it because of the controversy… I quickly replied you must not know Grant lol… #TeamTrump #GrantCardoneVP


  • Cierra SalleyHinds

    I don’t always like Donald but I honestly believe that Donald can turn this country around! I’ve always admired him for his work ethics!

  • I Like Trump! Had Read his books long time ago already, “THINKING AS A BILLIONAIRE’ and so on, I Am from The Netherlands But if I may choose is that How I feel about

  • Free cars at M&M Auto Sales!

  • gammills08

    Good stuff man

  • DominicMoore1

    dam i do need a new m5 I’m in houston though

  • DominicMoore1

    if not trump then who else hiliary hahahah

  • ScottKlein1

    The Donald is definitely a “wild card” in my opinion.He could go down as being one of the best
    presidents of all time, or he could be the impetus of starting WWIII.

  • carlos l diaz

    There too many indicators that Donald Trump is an sp.

  • Go trump go grant ten x results !!!

  • Michael Murdie

    Great data Grant! Thanks!

  • JasonRaths


  • JasonRaths

    LOVE HIM!!!! Read the 10x rule, and he’s literally following what you talk about in that book to the letter. He’s getting attention, he’s getting haters (the more haters the more promotion), he’s being ethical (he doesn’t need to be the president but he’s doing it because he feels obligated, he see’s where the country is going and feels he needs to do something to change it), and he’s going all in, not allowing people that don’t think he can get in his way, he just keeps pushing on!!!! He’s a Billionaire for a reason, since I’ve been following you I’ve started researching millionaires and billionaires. One of the things I found was that the people that are making the most money aren’t necessarily doing it for the money, for a lot of those folks it’s more about fulfilling and obligation or commitment to those they’re company serves, they’re employees, and most importantly their families. Not to mention they’re all extremely responsible with money, they’re not in the business of letting a penny get spent, they’re more focused on investing every penny in a way that it will make a dime in the future.