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This week Grant talks about going from broke, to just okay financially, to creating true financial prosperity so that he can now teach others to do the same.

If you’re making pennies, you can’t solve your problems.” – GC

Hey, the US government is lying you to, and it’s not just about your wages.

Just compare these two things:
• Here is the Cost of Living in these 20 Major US Cities
• EPI: Family Budget Calculator

Saint Louis, Illinois families are coming up $19,000 short if they have a median income and lives with 2 adults and 2 children.

What You Need to Know:
1. You’re being lied to.
2. You do not make enough money.
3. You are the only way out of this.
4. Learn how to sell, and you’ll never be without money.

Listen to the full episode to hear all of Grant’s insight on how to break through your ‘cost of living’ trap.

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    Is this live GC?

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    London UK GC?

  • aflore02

    GB you hit it right out of the park with these many truths in just one show!!! Extremely well put. The best is when you walk into a business as a cold call and they look at you as if you are crazy for walking into a stranger’s place like that. Or they look down. I suppose that is part of their problem of not seeing the importance of being in a position tied to the BIG R? Love it. More PPTY for us that are HUSTLING!!

  • aflore02

    GC that was!!!!

  • Jonathan Kellert

    “The solution isn’t defense, it’s offence!” That’s right! People don’t have a savings problem, they have a money creation problem.

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