Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? You can be making $40,000 a year or $270,000 a year—I know people who do both—and live with no money leftover at the end of the month. What can you do, besides increasing your income? Here are two things you can do to cut your expenses:

1. Reduce your tax bill—There are many things you can do to pay less to the IRS. Make all 9 exemptions. You want the government taking less from your paycheck. Don’t pay people, especially the IRS, before you need to.

2. Renegotiate student loans—Why would you pay this right now? Be Donald Trump, say that this deal no longer makes sense. If the president can renegotiate deals, you can too.

The bottom line is that rich people do things that poor people don’t do. It’s not just what you make but what you keep. Search online about budgets, and nobody talks about the IRS or student loans. These are two huge expenses many people have. Cut into these and start keeping more of your money!

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