• leoportillo912

    How do you starve the doubt when you know everything around  you is just an illusion … And Im not talking about your dreams I talk about THE WORLD.!!!

  • shervenchi

    I agree fully about it.From other’s eyes I am a talented person but during my teenage years I have let doubts take over me.I lost my obsession and started to perform at average and even sometimes under average.Grant is right about it,Obsession is a great thing when use right.If you are not Obsess,no matter how much talent or skills one have it will be useless.I’m in my mid 20’s and had lost my dad few years ago.Watching,reading and listening to Grant is like a wake up call to me and is helping me in reviving my obsessed part and to fix my mindset and making me an action taker.

  • Generations Now

    “Addictive Personality” is a label and an excuse.

  • Generations Now

    Any time I’m “overwhelmed,” it’s time to Double Up.

  • Diegomaldonado

    What’s your email Uncle G.?

  • Leah Camp

    “Work for me is a creation”. WOW!

  • shervenchi

    “You are in it to Win it and you don’t need their approval to get there”
    -Grant Cardone

  • Ernie Velasquez

    This is Great Stuff – Content & Context are Off the Chart!!

  • linda mk

    i love your book reviews.
    and am reading your books i got one in hebrow and now igot the 10x in english. 
    i am reading now del carnegie how to win friends and influence people, but its hard to read, and your way of pass the information is really helping me. 
    thank you.

  • MyOahuAgent

    Can we do this The 10X Rule please?!?