• DennisLarkin

    Uncle, G! Thanks, my man. Bought 2 books and had 1 of them monogrammed. BOBA BABY!

  • onairwithtom

    Good morning/afternoon from Toronto. 

    Join like minded people in the BOBA mastermind group of facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/101287767012433/ or just search “Be Obsessed or Be Average Mastermind Group” on facebook.

  • isorrentini

    I have purchased Obsessed. How do I create an acc so I can join in?

  • TanaBrewster

    Good Afternoon for Atlanta 🙂

  • GC Mike Pagano Says my biz is http://melaleuca.direct

  • Rich Hewitt

    Good morning from Milwaukee! Awesome book and thank you so much Grant!

  • My totally Obsessed kids are lovin’ this!

  • Jarvisj

    Good Day Uncle G!!!

  • Jarvisj

    Good Day 10XERS!

  • Jonathan Magee

    Since I was 12 years old, I have been focused on becoming a great musician. Because of that, I was always getting compliments, but I knew I how far I had to go to become great!

  • 10XMLM

    Frank from Kansas ! Love it GC.

  • Rich Hewitt

    I have the signed book and on Audible…and you should too!

  • will_frankland

    how do you develop mental toughness?

  • Robert – please ask Grant.. did it ever fee daunting when you first broke ground into the industry seeing others that were so far ahead.. or other experts that had dug in… ?  Did you consider that competition or did you just ignore and do your own thing?

  • Thanks for helping us all. Completing my military service and now going into Solar Sales with SolarCity. 

    Loved your quote this morning “Grind while they rest. Study when they party. You’ll live like they dream.”

  • ultimate_seal

    I literally hate when someone says a trip or something is “once in a lifetime” when our life is meant to have it all and experience the best of life EVERYDAY.

  • I feel ya GC

  • DennisLarkin

    Grant, without getting rid of her, how do I get my wife on board to WANT IT ALL!!! ?

  • will_frankland

    DennisLarkin im on your boat, my wife is around the same paje as me now, it takes time and patient and influence her

  • will_frankland

    ROBERT! ask grant please,  how do you develop mental toughness?

  • ultimate_seal

    Robert – Please ask – How do change the atmosphere of your department or team to become Obsessed?

  • will_frankland

    THANKS ROBERT!!!!!!! YOUR AWESOME! robertsyslojr

  • Shields10x

    My Company is on board with the program and we are training everyday! Appreciate you, your team and your time.

  • 10XMLM

    Can you have patience and Be Obsessed at the same time ? I’m ready to bust out now !

  • John 20

    I used to be responsible, then I saw too many people not responsible. I quit being responsible except as I had to. Grant made me see the way to do it is be responsible for all the parts of my life and living.

  • brandondunlop1

    cheers Uncle G. love the bonus content. always above and beyond

  • raymoran13

    Got 10 X  and Be Obsessed Saturday

  • 10XMLM

    Thanks GC. Love it.

  • brandondunlop1

    finally someone giving me permission to be obsessed and all in. thanks for the motivation and advice

  • ultimate_seal

    THANKS ROBERT GrantCardone robertsyslojr

  • Ernie Velasquez

    Uncle G.C. – you have given me that sense of direction where I have 10X everything I plan on pursuing from getting my Financials to Learning everything about MF Real Estate to have a never ending Pay of Cash Flow!!

  • I am an expert in mental toughness. I coach it to individuals and groups every day. I created my method after 20 years of study and practice. It is fast and simple and delivers instant results.

  • thank you #MyMasterMentorGrantCardone

  • JosmuN101

    Awesome job, Uncle GC. Absolutely, am turning my obsession into creating abundance wealth