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  • brandontoft

    This never gets old.  Great teamwork, great energy!

  • Great Video…. This let a fire under my ass!

  • lisa10Xer

    Mine Too ! When I saw this, I checked out all his videos on youtube, then signed up to Cardone University, got all 4 audio books and have been listening and studying like a mad man ! I’ve got back my sense of purpose and have committed my time, money and energy to becoming a master at sales. Best thing is : My attitude has changed (and that is PRICELESS) I’m seeing crazy results after only a couple weeks ! Cardone is Truth, If it’s uncomfortable then you’re on the right track, Everyone’s asking me what I’m on.
    Thank you Grant and keep it coming !

  • DASlinkard

    If this doesn’t pump you up…NOTHING will. If you’re not jacked on this video you need to check for a pulse.

  • CardoneMedia

    lisa10Xer Congrats on your success using @GrantCardone material! #sales #success #WIT

  • Arise2Thrive

    Boom! That’s How It’s DONE! Love That! “If a hundred dollars is the decision maker, you need to find a street corner to beg on.”.

  • Looking forward to more Boiler Room videos!

  • Damien Connolly

    Loving the videos Grant! Hoping there will be more Boiler Rooms soon!

  • Xpresscoach

    Unbelievable! Closed! We need more videos like this Grant.

  • restakes.com

    He makes it look so easy. The 1 call close in action