• KennethStickler

    Where the rubber meets the road. Should have more than just one video.

  • pauledwil

    When the rubber meets the road $80k of revenue in 10 mins from the boss getting personallly in the trenches is pretty good!!!!!!

  • westalabamatracking

    Are your people straight cold calling or are these leads from business people registering on “landing” or “squeeze pages”?

  • lisa10Xer

    This is one of the first videos I saw of Grant on youtube and definitely gets you hooked ! This is a guy who’s done (and does) the hustle, not just talk about it (with graphs and paperboards, ha ha). I signed up to Cardone University for a year, best money ever spent ! Seeing freaky results after 3 weeks.

  • balticsamurai

    Grant, it was great! Hope more of these are coming 🙂

  • JoeSmith23

    FYI You might want to edit that guy’s address from the video. One simple way is to overwrite the audio during his reveal of the address.

  • Cody Cap

    Grant you’re an OG!!! 1st GC video I’ve ever seen over a  ago!! If anyone in Denver Metro is pushing for success, reply to my comment! I’m surrounding myself with success driven and like minded people this year!!!

  • DominicMcKenna

    JoeSmith23 Totally agree. That is a bit scary.

  • cezarcruzsantos

    more shows, Grant

  • Antonio Tarin

    Cody Cap  Hey brotha, Im not in Denver, but I am in Grand junction! Lets link up, Ive been searching for all stars as well.

  • restakes.com

    Inspirational. Gives you confidence in cold/warm calling

  • Lars Stollenga

    Ah this video brings back memories, this was the first video I found of Mr. Cardone. This was awesome! 

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