Lee Haight

Lee Haight

I am the very best at introducing people to the storm damage sales opportunity and training them for success. We are rebuilding America one roof at a time.


About the Show:

Hurricanes and hailstorms rain billions of dollars worth of property damage down on homes and businesses every year. With this level of widespread damage an army of restoration specialists is needed to clean up in the wake of these catastrophic storms.

Sky Diamonds TV is the behind the scenes look at the most viral vertical market in America: storm damage insurance restoration sales. Sounds like a blood sucking, ambulance chasing, pack of gypsy scam artists—doesn’t it? I’ve heard that before, and I’m able to tell you; it’s not. We are a group of entrepreneurs that embody the American Dream with every home we help restore. This is your chance to get a look at my inner circle of sky diamond harvesting, blue-collar millionaires.

This journey began with a strange sequence of events that could possibly land me a 5-million dollar deal, which would end up being the biggest single-property owner deal of my life. The coolest part is, you’re going to be able to watch the whole deal, start to finish!

It all started with a book from New York Times bestselling author Grant Cardone. I read one book and connected with the author as if I had found another member of my business family. I devoured all of his books and did everything I could to apply the lessons and inspiration he taught me into my life and business. The results were a 5-year rise of the second generate of hail magnate.

Earlier this year, with the release of Live Streaming Apps, I was able to watch my business mentor witness a severe storm coming in and I was able to connect again with him through his love of storms!

My intention is to entertain, inspire, and show you how anybody can learn from how we create multi-million dollar businesses off of the weather. I also teach you direct sales and marketing strategies that are literally a life hack to any business.

The high pressure of delivering quality work on a multi-million dollar scale in such a quick timeframe creates an explosive environment for business drama that is perfect for a reality show. Nobody has ever brought the behind the scenes look into how it all works and the crazy situations that arise in this business. But here is the 10X logic that reading Grant’s books has taught me: why not knock out two birds with one stone? Make a reality TV show and sell my celebrity mentor a multi-million dollar job at the same time!

I will show you how taking action and living the 10X lifestyle will blow up your world with what you’re about to see each week on my show, Sky Diamonds TV!

We have cameras setup in our office, salespeople’s trucks, and body cams set to watch every exciting moment. I will relate our business to yours inside every episode with my play-by-play breakdown. My ultimate purpose is to help prove my belief that door-to-door sales is the best entry to the sales and business world to teach people what it takes to build a business. Learn from a soldier who was indoctrinated in the streets and taught by the school of hard knocks.

Insurance companies pay 13-billion dollars more to replace roofing across America due to hail and wind damage. This is the recession-proof Wild West industry that will get you fired up and ready to go to battle in your arena.

Stay tuned for Sky Diamonds TV with the hail magnate Lee Haight.

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