Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt address Millennials and all of the bullshit information that’s being passed down to you. They found an article, originally posted on that is literally titled, “5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get To Work Early.” They discuss how ridiculous this is and talk about the four reasons why you are broke and how you can fix them.

“You are never paid what you’re worth.” – GC

From the Article:
5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get To Work Early
1. Nobody likes a “thirsty” employee
2. You’re alienating colleagues
3. You seem like a pushover
4. You’re not management material
5. You’ll be taken for granted

The above list is complete bullshit.

From Grant:
4 Reasons Why You’re Broke:
1. You’re only making enough money to live.
2. You don’t have any emergency funds.
3. You have no money to invest.
4. You have no choices because you have no money.

“Money is the currency of choice.” – GC

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“You don’t have a debt problem. You don’t have a spending problem. You have an income problem.” – GC

Don’t be mediocre in a bunch of different fields. You need to become great at one, build it up, understand it completely, and then take a step into another field.

When you are in your 20s, get a job that makes you money, whatever it is. It doesn’t matter what it is. Make a decision and go at it full force. Don’t wait to figure it out, or question if it’s right for you.

“Move fast. Don’t drag ass.” – Jarrod Glandt

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  • Millennials are broke?

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