Grant Cardone offers tips and insights to help people grow their money so they retire with millions. You cannot save your way to wealth. In this episode of the Cardone Zone Grant explains how low interest rates make it a tough time to retire. He also explains that putting money in the bank and praying for a miracle isn’t the way to build wealth. Interest rates are low which means you must find places to invest your money so you will generate more income and multiply it for the future. Grant offers four simple facts about money and what do with it.

  1. Understand money is important.
  2. Money must work for you.
  3. Money must produce income.
  4. Money must grow or it will go.

The show takes an interesting twist when Grant takes caller questions and comments. You never know what they will ask and what Grant will say. After one caller asks about real estate investing, Grant shares how he started in multifamily real estate investing and reveals some interesting and practical approaches to it.

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  • I need a mentor – all the ones in the UK are rubbish

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    Interest today will never make you as much money as Investing in Real Estate! Put your money in Real Estate !

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    What is a qualifying question or two to ask yourself before beginning to work for a auto dealership? What do you need to look for to know you’re getting into a good company to maximize your potential and profits?

  • Ory

    I am just starting out in the auto and real estate industry and would like to know how to maximize my profits at the dealership and know how to get as many listings as possible. Any advice is appreciated.

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  • MotorBikeTV You found one bro.  GC is the man.  Get all the books, all the books on tape and get jacked in man.

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  • so – questions folks – field sales, or telephone sales in todays marketplace for selling advertising into and – I’m confused having been brought up with field sales BUT everything is now being down with technology BUT surely face to face is better ????

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    MotorBikeTV Both methods should be done as if everyone is doing online advertising and your the one in the few doing face to face deals then you will stand out and build more of a relationship with the consumers. #sellorbesold

  • soldbysorin MotorBikeTV my thought process to – face to face means you care in my opinion – phones is just after money – if that makes sense

  • Invest in yourself and invest in your business! @grantcardone

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    Money is very Important… There’s not a shortage of it either, only a shortage of people making it

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  • GrantCardone MotorBikeTV Hi – if it was grant himself greta – but I’ve already spoken about the sales university and viewed that which i didn’t find very good – but I need to find a mentor / coach to help me out – I’m in England so don’t know how to contact you except via email

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    GrantCardone Here’s the problem – Too many takers and not enough makers and their all haters

  • Folks need to shut-up … stop HATING and producing …. its that simple!

  • Folks need to shut-up … STOP HATING … and start Producing ***t in their own lives …. its that simple!

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