Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt offer millennials success strategies each week. On this weeks episode of Young Hustlers Grant and Jarrod focus on a list of 10 things one needs to master in order to be successful. They share the list of these skills and then ask callers to repeat them all back in order then admit which they need help with. It leads to great conversation and excellent tips. Grant starts the show off laying into Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Workweek. Grant feels there are no shortcuts and nothing great comes without hard work and sacrifice.

The Big 10 for Success

1. Commit to success.
2. Great attitude.
3. Strong networker.
4. Know how to sell.
5. Know how to negotiate.
6. Know how to close.
7. Follow up.
8. Market yourself (Get Attention)
9. Hire great people.
10. Leadership

Grant and Jarrod weigh in on how important it is to agree and get agreement and callers ask for insights on negotiation and sales. Grant’s dropping gems in this episode so check it out.

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  • GrantCardone If you are not sold on what you do or have the know how to do what you do, nothing is enjoyable. 1st Sell yourself on whatever you are doing, 2 Learn How to do what you are doing and be great at it, 3 Set high goals, 4 Take massive action, 5 Have success, 6 learn to love what you do… JarrodGlandt Marty_Baker

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    I need to get rid of the fear of losing a deal, It’s losing me money every time I get afraid of losing that one deal at that time. I can keep more gross profits if I lose the fear.I need my pipeline so jammed that if I’m gonna lose the deal, move on and nail the next one.

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    post those 10 attributes please.

  • This is Calvin T. Blackmore. I am a POWERHOUSE OF POSITIVE THOUGHTS thinking 10 x n it! Go Big Or Go Home, Grant I just tuned in , could you please repeat the 10, I have attitude but you said the rest to fast for me to write it dow

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  • @JoinNFB here! Thank you Grant for drinking the BluFrog2 on the show! Wildly Healthy Energy in a can! Contact me for details on how to order and/or promote the product and get paid! Thanks Grant and Jarrod!

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    Another Awesome episode!!! Thanks Grant and Jarrod. On the request list…. I would love to see a show on goals/outcomes, how you set them, how you measure and adjust through the year, how you prioritise them. The emotions one goes through achieving a big goal, when to pull back and assess/retreat, then go for it again. Cheers guys.

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