Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt go over the massive topic of closing the sale. You can pitch your product, advertise and spend money on marketing, but there comes a point when the close has to happen. If it doesn’t, the deal isn’t done.

Grant personally delivered over 4.5-hours of content on this important topic in a webinar that you can OWN FOREVER. Watch it again and again to get every bit of information from it!

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Jarrod and Grant address bad advice from other sources, such as:
• Trying to close the wrong person
• Closing too soon
• Don’t twist their arm
• Waiting too long to close

These are ALL WRONG. Don’t ignore your lines of communication. If you do, you’re abandoning your dreams. Don’t abandon your kids, your parents, your spouse, none of it. Close as soon as you meet the customer, close before you leave. But make sure to know when you need to sell, when you need to listen, and precisely when you need to go for the close.

Grant shares a personal story where he got loose, messed up, and lost a $400k deal just because of a very basic mistake. He reminds you to stay on top of your game.

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  • With the Webinar, Cardone comes to you anywhere. can’t wait till tomorrow. Young Hustlers.

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    They don’t know HOW to close the deal!!

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    The main reason people can’t close is because they don’t agree with their customer.

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    People don’t close deals because they don’t ask if they can close the deal!!

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    its becasue they dont ask for the sale


    Just Closed a Sale !!! 

    How Do i call in !!!

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    .GrantCardone will show you how to be a closer

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    When you try you will be rewarded but when you dont try you will pay with your success

  • They dont assume the close going in

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    uneducated is why no sale

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    @[email protected] Fear Of Rejection Or Failure

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  • #1 problem of closing the sale is.. not bringing the contract to ink the deal. Funny

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    to make a perfect close on deal require money,experience and specific knowledge.
    Most important the pitch!


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    Scared to fail and not work outside the box

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    didnt catch the eyes of people,the heart most important when it come to closing.

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    Thank you guys for what you do! Really appreciate this information as a young hustler!

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    Hey how do you become a salesperson? Any books on this? I never did any real «selling» I want to learn and improve myself? !!


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  • kshawYALL Hang up and Keep Calling!

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    “You are not insisting in people doing business with you, Insist!” – correct answer, no1 reason sales man don’t close.

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    Jarrod Glandt “at least 82 hours” lol

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    You have to be sold before you go try to close the buyer

  • Just ASK for the sale.

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  • Stu Eazy

    Great show guys, love the topic ! OK Grant, here goes…7 things you have to have to close the sale…1. An audience or prospect 2. Trust 3. Belief in the product or service 4. A correct estimate of effort 5. Closing material 6. Ability to treat objections as complaints 7. Willingness to deal with emotions. Who do I contact in your office to get the $500 ? Stu Eazy. Palm Springs California.

  • What information do you need about the plane GC? Brighton is not that far. #greatshow

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    If they are qualified and you cant close them – Then you have serious issues with your 

    closing technique. I’ve never read any of Grants books BUT I’m sure his methods are 

    unstoppable. Keep it up GC!

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    Hi Grant and Jarrod  I have an idea for an episode that I want to put forward and see what you think . Can you do an episode on retaining customers when they have  a service which has to be renewed every year and how to keep them with your company and not lose them to a competitor . Thank you

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    GrantWise I’m enrolled too, just started a couple weeks ago! It’s pure gold, I totally agree with you. Everything Grant says is priceless. I’m continually amazed how much I don’t know the first thing about selling and definitely nothing about closing. Nice to connect with a fellow 10Xer.

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