Being vulnerable on camera is one of the hardest things to do. In this episode Hank Norman tells you why you need to take that risk and share your story. He also interviews Jenny Hutt, a Sirius XM radio host and Internet & TV Personality, about her success and what she thinks it takes to make it in show business.

  • HelenPrana1

    Good one!  When you talked about being in front of the camera/shyness, hesitation when it comes to connecting with others.
    Real problems. Being in front of a camera , speaking to large groups of people is something I need to overcome! : ) Good guest too. Thanks.

  • Chri5123

    ScubaSteveSpray hanknorman witnation Awesome going to watch today! #StarPower

  • pauledwil

    10 years to be an overnight success, awesome!, I read Arnold’s biography this year and it hit home that it was a good 7-10 years for him in his bodybuilding and also movies. Thanks for another Great episode Hank.

  • Another GREAT Show! Good Work Hank can’t wait to see YOU unhinge! 10X

  • robsuede don’t worry, rob, i come unhinged easily

  • pauledwil thanks paul. i know. no one wants to think about how much time and effort goes into this kind of work (because it doesn’t look like it is ‘hard’ work)

  • HelenPrana1 helen, hope to see you in front of the camera soon!!!! for realz

  • MichaelNast

    Love all the high dollar advice you are giving away for free here Hank.  Kudos.

  • hanknorman

    SoulOfAHustler thanks, man

  • lisa10Xer

    First time watching, loved the style of the show, and interesting how hanknorman manages the interview. This is different, Good luck with the show

  • Great insight and raw exposure into just being yourself in the media light.
    Yes @hanknorman taking a risk does lead to a new door opening and audience. I have found that out with my appearance on the WIT contest. You do have to become a personality and 10X yourself like @jennyhutt says. I believe my little bitty media exposure can take me many places if I get involved more socially. I haven’t quite decided though if that’s the route for me. Just posting this comment is too serious and took 30 mins for crying out loud! (Which I did a lot of on episode 2, ha. Never again!) However, it was a pleasure to work briefly with you on that show and to now see your Star Power interviews. I really do appreciate the realness you promote.
    Thank you both for this video and wish you both the best of luck!
    Jaclyn Addeo
    Aka Glasses