Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt take on the topic of being a PUNK or a PRO. Which are you? With the perception being that the Millennials will be the first generation that won’t have it better than the generation before them, you need to be a PRO. They discuss what you need to be great, to stand out, and to be a PRO MILLENNIAL.

With 80 million Millennials, you have to be great to stand out. You want to get to a point where people only see what you PROduce. Once you are a star producer, a top producer, people won’t be worried about the little things.

Punk Moves:
1. Over exaggerating
2. Don’t ask for too much money too soon
3. Not connecting with the owner of the business you work for
4. If people have to ask you to do something more than once
5. Taking lunch instead of being available for a sale

Pro Moves:
1. Review yourself. Review your numbers.
2. Follow up until you die, or they die.
3. Constantly push yourself, don’t get complacent
4. Look at your potential, don’t compare yourself to others
5. Don’t act entitled, earn your vacations and benefits

Grant and Jarrod also take calls from some lively and satisfied customers, sharing their experiences after purchasing Grant’s teachings, Plus sharing PUNK and PRO moves they have made themselves.

Make sure to tune in next week. We ain’t resting during the holidays, neither should you. Keep up that hustle.

  • PonchoScotch

    I missed last week’s episode, it’s good to watch you again LIVE!

  • Jason Seyler

    I love this show. It’s important to master the millennials.

  • TysArmy

    I don’t always watch young hustlers but when I do – It’s a blessing – Glad I’m able to take time out of my hectic schedule to tune in ! Rock out G and J

  • TysArmy

    haha Im that guy – lol

  • Hustling! LOVE this show!!!

  • kyle

    Where do you draw the line drawn on Follow up????? – K Mc @ Rhode Island

  • GrantWise

    I have been a subscriber to Mr. Cardone for some time now and hooked up yesterday under Cardone University for 3 years!! Pumped for the new growth I am experiencing!! Connect with me:

  • PonchoScotch

    Agreed, the Christmas break is a good opportunity to prospect AND even develop new businesses

  • SheriSuccess

    We’re in #CardoneCountry now on #younghustlers! GrantCardone JarrodGlandt

  • PonchoScotch

    Grant, Jarrod:  What would be your top 5 traits of being a PRO?

  • TysArmy

    Average is in between Liability and Asset

  • smlocklear

    How many calls per day to dealerships as a vendor should it take be to successful

  • Your Radios are in transit. Figured a Master of Sales needed communications for his protection team when Boarding “Whatever it Takes” [email protected][email protected] PRO Move?

  • Punk has been cleaned out of the profile! 🙂

  • “Take actions based on your intentions.” ~Jarrod Glandt

  • Victor S

    Get off the phone! I am calling in!

  • CreativeArrow

    How do you get your first client for a business you just started over Christmas? We are creativity & innovation skills training and coaching firm. Helping firms to be more effective and engaged.

  • Chad Pittenger

    Master your Craft and you’ll  Master your Confidence… ~ GetFitBeTrue

  • Don’t be no punk. Get up and do something. start becoming that professional. that person you look up to, you remember. Love the Shows Cardone Zone and Young Hustlers. just bought sell or be sold 10x rule closers survival guide and if your not First your Last. Get your Hustle ON!!

  • Howard_Powa

    buy 20 for your clients, BOOM

  • Shanna10X

    It’s funny hearing this as I know plenty of older generations that act like Punks when it comes to their job. I am definitely working towards a pro. For my interview, I went directly to the operations manager and bypassed the other guy. The manager really liked me (and I was told he doesn’t like anyone, which doesn’t seem right to me) and he really wanted me hired. I think I made a good impression.

  • lisa10Xer

    You can look like a Pro but still act like a Punk, Amen to that

  • NateHollembaek

    One of my absolute favorite episodes.  Love this show.  Addicted.  There have been so many times I acted like a punk and later knew it costed me dearly.  This was before I discovered that I wasn’t living up to my potential and found at about Grant Cardone.  Since then my life has changed drastically and can’t even imagine where I’d be today if I hadn’t.

  • damn i wish i worked in an environment of pros. all the punks at my job are “too good” to get better. how do i get them on the kool aid???

  • Jkraus

    Let them watch and learn bro!