Grant Cardone offers straight talk and key insights to inspire the middle class to rise up create true financial freedom. It’s post election day and Grant Cardone wants to be clear about what party he’s a part of. The hustle party. Grant explains that neither the Republicans or Democrats will ever do anything to save anyone. It is up to all of us to do whatever it takes to create financial freedom for ourselves and our families. Grant says that politicians don’t take a stand, they take votes. All the more reason to do for ourselves so we can thrive regardless of who is in power. Grant looks at both parties and points out what they do regarding excessive spending, talking in circles and manipulating Americans to believe they are supportive of the middle class when they aren’t. Grant urges Americans to understand the USA won’t save the Y-O-U and offers these tips.

How to Save the Y-O-U
1. Understand both political parties can’t help you.
2. Become self-reliant.
3. Create a financial freedom plan.
4. Stick with your plan no matter who is in power.

Grant takes callers and dispels more political myths. Tune in and come away with a clear new mindset for how much political noise distracts you.

  • Dale Jr

    Lets do this!!!!

  • Whatever it Takes BABY!

  • NicholasMoffett

    Grant your really making half seeded comment that really dont give the full value of the political scope.
    YES we had the most jobs under the Bush administration.  However, under the Bush administration we suffered the worst financial crisis IN THE HISTORY of the USA after the gr8 depression.   The fumbles that Republicans made  (allowing bankers to leverage 15:1) against the government was catastrophic.  So we had the biggest amount of jobs… at the cost of the 2007 collapse
    You really need to do some more research before you speak, that’s really misleading.
    In the interest of full disclosure, im an INDEPENDENT voter, and i have read and thoroughly enjoyed the 10x rule… 
    Nick Moffett
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  • RafalJakobsen

    GrantCardone witnation take action!

  • Greatness

    I’m 15, and I totally agree with what you had to say about them spending a trillion dollars on the failing American education system. Every year, they are moving closer towards turning all students into their little precious robots, with more standardized testing, and by teaching us things that will never be beneficial in real life. All of this is simply to say that I adore your shows – CardoneZone and Young Hustlers. This is the real place where I come to learn.

  • GrantCardone

    @Greatness thanks for watching

  • pauledwil

    Same in Australia!!

  • Neither party is different

  • joelwolh

    Dems are wrong on every issue they are always on the other side. Be it terrorism, gang violence, taxes, national security, illegal immigration every single issue. and They are by far less charitable than Republicans in their personal life based on polls (google it)