Magdalena Pawlowska, CEO of Insource Marketing, comes to Miami Beach to interview Grant. How does Grant stay obsessed? Who are naysayers and how to handle them? How to handle social media and criticism? How do you create content? Grant creates products around things that he has struggled with. If you solve your own problems you can probably solve other people’s problems too. Obsession is key to everything. Make a list of things you waste time and energy on and refocus on what you want to do and feed the beast!

  • DirkLeenaerts

    Loved this
    show BIG TIME !
    Shared it
    with my son : so he too can understand why he should make a + and -list of people who are on board and not on
    board.Haters are indeed a sign of
    success : they indicate you are giving them a hard time which means you’re
    doing good.
    I heard GC
    say “when I come to Europe”. ….. Let’s have you here : Let me know when you do