Grant Cardone shares insights to help the middle class escape the myth and secure wealth.

Grant begins the show referring to New York Magazine article where tech columnist Kevin Roose interviews Netscape creator and power-tweeter Marc Andreessen and their conversation veers into how the middle class is a myth. Grant advises people to quit passing up opportunity and explains how the biggest cities in America all share one common thing. The rich get richer and the middle and poor are pushed down. To drive the point home Grant lists movie roles popular actors passed on such as Bill Murray passing on Forrest Gump, Christian Bale passing on being James Bond and Michelle Pfeiffer passing on Basic Instinct and Pretty Woman. Passing up opportunity is not a good thing for business. Grant also discusses Peyton Manning and his incredible work ethic and 100% all in dedication. Grant offers callers excellent advice and shares these business tips.

Grant’s Business Tips:
1. Never be “Out of Office.”
2. Never Say NO to opportunity.
3. Live where you can earn.
4. Say hello to everyone you see.

  • Here for my dose, baby. Preach on!

  • robertkblackjr

    Half of winning is showing up!

  • WOW!  never looked at it that way!

  • Say yes to opportunity! Pay someone else to do the job!

  • Bennie Ch

    Ehhh…this live stream is not availible in Germany.

  • Show up early and leave late. Get your hussle on!

  • WilliamHyder

    Hey Grant thanks for your 10x passion, Was looking forward to the Big money real estate show I noticed it was removed. What happened? I would love more direction on real estate investment ect.

  • A better daddy than yer own daddy!  GC!

  • WilliamHyder

    Love the show!! Cant wait for Young Hustlers

  • Do what successful people do and duplicate that success

  • AlanCiechalski

    You are the man I look up to Grant! I hope you get your Challenger soon 🙂

  • I’m IN. I’m sayin YES to it all & I live where I can make it!  Nice job G.

  • “If times are changing you have to change”

  • Great show Grant Grant Cardone thank you for the air time.

  • You cannot climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket! -AS

  • fletch626

    Great view on availability. For perspective, I flew on that
    jet (Challenger 3000) two days ago. My friend considered it a once in a
    lifetime experience, I spent the flight thinking about what I need to do so it won’t be. That is the difference of life B.C. (Before Cardone), and A.C.D (After Cardone).

  • Just got back from work and my team is all about to begin watching!!!


  • liam MacDonald


    You talk about this 7 day challenge often, like Facebook diet for example. What do you think about 18 plans? Peter Drucker talks about in his research that the brain is best acclimated to 18 month goals. 
    You also talk about in your sell or be sold about the man who would not donate money until you asked him for a large quantity, showing how he wanted to believe his money would make a difference. Do you think that an 18 moth challenge would be taken more seriously than a 7 day challenge because of this same principle of it making a difference?
    I would love to hear your thoughts.

    Great show.

  • Mr. Cardone thank you so much for showcasing our unique item born of the passion you instill, you are such an inspiration to our team. 

    Your Fans,
    Supergel Int’l Inc. Team

  • It’s 10 p.m. and I just did a presentation and made $$$. My competition is sleeping. Why did I just win? I kept my telephone on and didn’t reply with, “I will call you tomorrow” nor did I send the phone call to voice mail. Hint: money doesn’t sleep but your competition does….

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    Wow! Getting a dose of Mr Cardone before hitting the hustle !