Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt bring the Mystery Shopper to you today. They call companies to show concrete proof of how important the initial response is when receiving a call. The purpose of this show is to give you good information on sales techniques to use when you first have contact with a prospective client.

Grant Cardone –
Jarrod Glandt –

Every 3rd week of each month will be a Mystery Shopper episode!

What do you sound like when someone starts rolling on you in the deal?

Watch the full episode to hear each of their calls and the advice for each!

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  • pauledwil

    I learnt training, got to have the moves ready like a pro footballer , basket ball player etc.

  • Great show Grant and Jarrod! Very funny and lots of value offered. Would love to see some sort of checklist or criteria to determine how well each individual or company did on the call. What are all the components you are looking for from them? Just a suggestion. Merry Christmas!

  • Dylan Hubble

    guys need to have to of these shows every week

  • lisa10Xer

    I agree this is one of my favorite YH shows,

  • TheMikeBarron

    Jarrod, you killed it on the call!! FUNNY!!

  • myUSPbiz

    These calls are not just incredibly entertainingh, but they seriously make you look at yourself and what you’d do in an identical scenario. I think taking control of the call is essential or ANYTHING could happen, Grandmas aside. Tim Coe

  • BenGheliuc

    Grant you need to Mystery shop your own apartments!

  • MichaelPadilla

    I have to be honest, I can’t take you guys seriously. It’s like watching a bunch of drunk college kids pulling pranks. Please tone it down and produce value in this show. Hope this helps!

  • Phil Collins

    Hi guys I have all the books and love them! It would be awesome if you took a photo of the books in the cabinet behind you and post it on Facebook? That would be awesome! Thanks in advance.

  • MItchmoore99

    Damn… you called me up on my day off!

  • 10X365X7

    I have to be honest on what I saw and heard with the first mystery shopper (Dale Carnegie). I have no affiliation with this company what so ever so when I say that personally, I think she did a way better job than most companies would do. With that said, “way better” isn’t always good enough, especially when you’re talking on the phone! If you call any company in the country that provides a service that involves selling, I believe EVERY owner would train their receptionist to push that phone call off to a trained person. This is just my opinion though

  • masonevadney

    Calling people skank was funny maybe the first time. After about the 5th time it started making me cringe.