There are 80 million Millennials out there and no, not all are lazy and entitled. There are plenty who want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to the 9 to 5 grind and are hungry for mentors who give them the real deal. Grant Cardone and his millennial protégé, Jarrod Glandt target the under 35 crowd with the tips and insights they need to succeed in any economic climate. Between the loose laid back banter and the frequent references to Jay Z, Kanye, Led Zeppelin music and other pop culture millennial viewers consider Grant their “millennial mentor” and can’t get enough of Grant and Jarrod’s straight up no BS advice.

Somewhere in your career you’re going to have to take a phone call. You’re going to have to ask for an appointment and make a first impression. Don’t lose the sale. Each month we do a Mystery Shopper show where we call companies and build a report card for their methodology.

In this episode Grant and Jarrod call:
• A Printer Company
• A Recruiting Company
• A Massage Chair Company

Report Card Criteria:
1. Introduction
2. Have a track to run on
3. Qualify the caller
4. Setup an appointment

“Quit saying, ‘it depends.’” – GC

The first thing you need to do is thank the caller for contacting your company and using your company’s name. This lets them know they called the right place.

Whatever It Takes: The Ultimate Job Interview – Season 2
Open Casting Call:

Larry Baronofsky, the “Little Man” of The Ultimate Job Interview fame who appeared in Season 2, called in to Young Hustlers as well to talk with Grant and Jarrod.

Go for big money. Go for a big flow. Find a vehicle that will push you to that. It takes the same amount of energy to cold call a company of any level. It’s going to be difficult to succeed; it’s going to be hard to fail. Your parents told you to lower your expectations and now you’re scared of failure and setbacks. Worry about what you are bringing to the table every day. Don’t sit and worry about what’s on your resume.

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    I work as a Yacht Broker in Norway and I have tripled my sale in 1 month after finding Grant Cardone on youtube for the first time mid-january.
    Any advice on what content/product you have that is extra relevant for me as a yacht broker? I even increased my budget from 143k to 200k. Looks like im hitting 250 if i continue like this tho. THANK YOU!!!
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  • Strong intro, terrible self belief…”I’m just”.  One thing I’m learning is to give a prospect an answer to their question even if its just a range.  Answer with a range.  Then explain the options. These guys sound like they dont like their jobs much.

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    GrantCardone JarrodGlandt companies in their effort to insulate complicate their whole sales process.

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    “Im Just” and “It Depends” are terms that comes out of fear of losing a sale/client so its a way for someone NOT to take responsibility or ownership in case the transaction/sale doesn’t go through.

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    #shoutout to John from Atlanta, sometimes the client just qualifies himself by just saying “that’s not my deal” or “I’m not into that line of business”. Keep on hustling!

  • 1991 – the year I first met Grant on tour in Milwaukee, WI – Bought “Selling in the 90’s” and still listen to it on cassette tape!

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    I loved todays show, besides what you can learn there is always room for a jokes. Great!

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    Great show as always, Quick question, I am building a restaurant concept for Island on the west coast, what are some things; food, service, and decor you gentleman believe makes or breaks a restaurant. – Thanks, Corban

  • JarrodGlandt C_Young_Hustler NEXT Mystery Shopper, you need to give these guys a call. – Sales Dept # 866-757-3177.

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  • @jarrodglandt I worked there. You won’t get a salesperson on the first call.
    Pissed a lot of prospects off. I usually had to calm them down by the time they got to me.

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