Millennials could be a dominant force in the marketplace, but they are constantly fed false data that keeps them down. They are told they are lazy, entitled and will never amount to the greatness of the generations before them. Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt are here to prove otherwise.

They don’t just talk the game—they live it. And every Thursday at 1 PM EST they share free tips on varying topics about entrepreneurship, finances, investing, business practices, and more. Today Grant talks about the taboo topic of how to become a millionaire and addresses the issue of what kind of pitch you have.

Source: Study looks at millionaires-in-the-making: Are you one?

Supposed Emerging Affluent Traits:
• 68% are female
• Median household income of $125k
• 48% use a financial advisor
• Average age is 40 years old

You need to have the hustle, but you need to have a plan—hustling with no direction does you no good.

Source: Fidelity Asks: Are Today’s Emerging Affluent Investors Millionaires in the Making?

Figure out a timeframe and make a plan backwards. If you have 10 years and you want a million dollars, you need to net $100,000 per year. If you want to go to Las Vegas, you won’t get there until you get on a road that leads to Nevada.

How to Become a Millionaire:
1. Have a commitment
2. Know the path
3. Get great at the pitch

Every pitch should start with, “Why did you agree to meet with me?” so that you know what you’re shooting at. Don’t go in guns blazing with no target.

Source: What You Can Learn From Millionaires in the Making

It takes guts, courage and discipline to make money. Stop worrying about passive income and get your pitch down and make money first.

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  • Is it more effective to do prospecting with email or cold calling?

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    Powerful questions Grant: 
    Whats my path to becoming a Millionaire?
    Whats my pitch?
    Think on paper. 

    Hustle + a Plan.

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    @grantcardone I feel you on the college thing. I went to a very good business school and to be honest with you I don’t remember jack sh**. Today I am running an insurance agency and right now I’m selling, marketing, etc all at once. School I guess helped get me to where I’m at now. But for the last 6 months I have been reading selling books, watching your videos, the Whatever it Takes network. I have learned more in 6 months with maybe $500 worth of books, tapes, and cds compared to the $50000 I spent in college. You da man Grant!

  • Lots of gold in this segment.  Loved the idea of a vision board-know where you want to go, have a plan to get there.  Get that pitch down pat.  I’d like to hear more on putting .40 cents of every dollar toward something.  Thank you for providing this knowledge Mr. Cardone.

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  • you’ve been talking budgeting and saving, but what about taking $ to invest in your company to get your services. are your services right for a real estate agent (broker owner goal in mind within 3 years).

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  • Exquisite advice about putting 1Million dollar signs all over places you frequent in the home.  Attempting to call in and ask about you elaborating on the .40 cents on the dollar theory.

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