There are plenty of people who want true freedom, prefer entrepreneur to a 9-to-5, and are hungry for mentors who give them the real deal. Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt, his millennial protégé, target the under 35 crowd with tips and insights they need to succeed in any economic climate.

Grant’s first business was started with a phone, a pen and a pad of paper—no desk, no computer. In 4 months, he earned a desk and 4 months after that he purchased his first computer for $3000.

The 3 Ps of Phones:
• Purpose
• Process
• Pitch

Debunk the myths about the phone. And you need to learn how to communicate, not have a conversation. Conversations don’t sell things. You have to have a purpose.

Five Steps:
1) Opening
2) What’s your intention?
3) Qualify the buyer. What’s their dominant buying motive?
4) Make an offer

Watch and listen to the full episode to hear all of the wisdom Grant and Jarrod share about phones.

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  • Locked and loaded with JarrodGlandt and GrantCardone

  • CarlosB_K

    Always looking forward to this show! Nothing but the best information!

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    At work here in Toronto! When will Jarrod be heading back up here!? Love what you guys do and can’t wait for the webinar on the 28th.

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    welcome to the show folks

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  • Kenny Tran Hey im out in hamilton, lets connect. Whats your contact info?

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  • OBSESSED with success…The BOSS Cardone Way, WHOO!!!  I’m FIRED UP, fellas #WIT #YoungHustlers

  • I’ve made 30 sales calls this week and gotten no where.  I know I’m missing something.  Will Cardone University help me not only with my calls and scripts but with finding the right people to call?

  • RoyMalura

    Hi from The Netherlands!!

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    heyy !! guys love your show ! i actually sold my tv , throw away the sattelite tv and only watch WATH EVER IT TAKES NETWORK.

    any way BIG QUESTION . a big book for me that helped me really break out was THINK AND GROW RICH BY NAPOLLEON HILL AND EARL NIGHTINDALE CONDENSATION ON THE SAME BOOK 
    can u comment a little bit on that i will love a show about the OLD GUARDIANS


  • DParisi

    Are they called from a phone book or were they from leads?

  • stephanie_spray jarrodglandt  grantcardone I’m fired up and ready to roll Stephanie

  • JarrodGlandt

    leads from the phone book – never purchased a lead!

  • JarrodGlandt

    diegomanfredi88 Boom the Cardone Cleanse!

  • JarrodGlandt

    @nathanwinkelmes Your problem is that youve only made 30 calls!!! I do that in 2 hours

  • DParisi

    JarrodGlandt Excellent, thank you.

  • GrantCardone

    yo you – how to make money on the phone

  • @nathanwinkelmes Make 500 calls in week, then come back with a question.

  • Leads everywhere, phone book, hottest growing companies in your area…we’re in the era of start ups.  I made it from the hood to a beautiful suburb of Phoenix by successfully selling on the phones. Love this topic #YoungHustlers

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    Jarrod when are you going to Mexico City? I heard you mentioned it a few days ago on periscope…

  • JarrodGlandt What do you look for to determine if a lead from a phone book is a good one?
    I read something yesterday about looking someone up to find common ground before calling. Thoughts?

  • DParisi

    I’ve heard that about door to door.

  • Michael Costanzo

    Getting my whole office signed up for the webinar! This is critical information for growing your business.

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    @nathanwinkelmes  30 calls a week is weak! 10X your effort to get 10X the results and prodcution! – GrantCardone

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    Bonnett is on it

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    Michael Costanzo Congrats on investing in yourself and your company! Here is the link  to registar.

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    Halifax Nova Scotia taking my personal Training to another level Follow @KHynick

  • GrantCardone

    Michael Costanzo Getting my whole office signed up for the webinar! This is critical information for growing your business.

    Whatever it Takes:

  • Henry Mantilla

    LOL, i was listening to the qualification part on my drive to the office this morning on sell or be sold, what a coincidence haha

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    Khynick love it!

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    RoyMalura  we are going to cancun event and then maybe May 21 Mexico city

  • This will be one of the episodes I watch 4-5 times and master the skills being taught. Really liked the qualify notes on this segment… #younghustlers

  • RoyMalura

    GrantCardone were can I find more info about this event, Im from The Netherlands but will be there next month for this reason Im asking.

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    I’m signed up for the webinar! Can’t [email protected]

  • Derek L Villers

    In other words… Stop being a panzy and use the phone!

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    Derek L Villers and then beat that thing to death!

  • TMT7110X

    The is phone is the best sales tool ever!!!

  • Henry Mantilla

    Hey Grant! How your doing, my name is Henry and i saw you have some nice looking cars. I’m assuming you have them insured but I want to do more than that. Quick question, whats more important to you, having a cheap rate? Or getting great coverage with a great service?

  • kshawYALL

    Love CRAWDADS! Let’s do it GrantCardone ! 🙂

  • Mike Killen

    Is it me or is this person hard to understand on the phone?

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    I can’t find out where to watch the full Seasons of “Whatever It Takes” Can someone send me a link?

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    Lmao Grant is hilarious

  • Net worth will be determined by my net WORK!!!  Classic BOSS Cardone QUOTE I can use for the phone #WIT #YoungHustlers

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    Henry Mantilla Club a baby seal to sell a product and kill it on the phone! lol

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    Mike Killen Hard to understand. You are correct!

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    Derek L Villers I stream them on I tunes pod casts

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    Haha you guys are great!

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    I don’t care how new you are, when it comes to the customer you are the veteran, the master, the combat veteran!  Own it!

  • GrantCardone
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    get back to cold calling tips !!

  • This is definitely a Hall of Fame Episode.  Must watch for any professional #YoungHustlers.

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    Hello ! please tell me the international number for the show

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    First time watching this show, won’t be the last! Fun, enlightening and informative! Nice work GrantCardone JarrodGlandt

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    Thanks for having me on. Great to chat with the both of you. #WhateverItTakes #YoungHustlers

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    @Adrian The International Dialing Code is +1.

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  • JarrodGlandt you’re right man.  Thanks!

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    jasonbwill Thanks for coming on brother! Appreciate your hustle.

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    Great show!

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    Yeah for sure! I’m working out in liberty village. You can reach me at [email protected]!

  • GrantCardone

  • jasonbwill Congratulations on the release of your app.

  • Laszlo Molnar

    Dear Team Cardone, is it possible to watch the seminar recorded only without watching it live? I live on the other side of the planet and Need to get up next day, I’m sure I’m not alone with this. You said we can get it later for 800, but I’d like to get the deal for 49 $, if possible. Thank you for everything, you are so great!

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    Laszlo Molnar Im in the UK and also wont be watching it live due to the time difference, you can watch it later doesnt have to be live.

  • JarrodGlandt

    Yes you can view anytime – as many times as you want after you purchase

  • TonyTomlinson26

    JarrodGlandt Can you do an episode on how you got the VP job with GrantCardone Be great to see the relentless persistance and how it pays off.

  • TonyTomlinson26

    First caller Eric didn’t get to ask his question because his pitch was shot down! Ha! Door to door sales is one of the hardest man, up your game.


    No it’s not. Lol you may have not done it successfully that’s another thing…

  • TonyTomlinson26

    Door to Door selling is one the hardest and least effective forms of selling compared to others! Thats a fact!

  • Coffee Black

    TonyTomlinson26 It might not get you the results, but it does help with that fear of being told no. I have done door to door and cold calling. I used to be scared sh**less of people at first, but talking to more and more people I learned from my mistakes I was making and as a salesperson you realize you will hear more “no” than “yes”. It built more confidence for me as i realized that if someone doesn’t buy from me it’s their loss. JarrodGlandt and GrantCardone are spot on with their take on the phone. Can’t wait for the webinar!

  • TonyTomlinson26

    Totally agree! My point was that Door canvass is one of the hardest and most effective before motormouth jumped in.
    You could be offering £10 for £5 and people will still decline, its all about attention isnt it. looking forward to the webinar.

  • Lukas Bekr

    Right on spot about qualifying the customer guys! JarrodGlandt GrantCardone Once I started doing it regularly and diligently with every customer, it saved me lot of time and made me heck of a lot more money. But man that MAGIC WAND line??!! You gotta be kidding me, that’s some cheap, old school, 80s, sleazy line, lol 😀 Don’t get me wrong I understand what are you trying to do here but I’d word it differently…

  • Step 5: Close!

  • DavidMitchell1

    BRILLIANT!! What you did with Eric was exactly what I needed today. Used it on my leads for the rest of the day and already booked business from.

    Grant is the king!

  • chadpittenger

    What I’ve learned about comfortzones; You’ve gotta Smash through them to become Great!!! Difficulties Mastered are Opportunities WON!