Every Friday at 1 PM EST, Grant Cardone does his solo show on Whatever It Takes Network. No noise. No co-hosts—Just his raw insights that will create massive success in your life and business. Grant has been labeled ADD, ADHD, Obsessive-Compulsive… and he loves it. He has embraced his ability to multi-task and hyper-focus to build four companies that bring in millions annually.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are at dinner, hosting a meeting with business partners or potential clients, and the bill comes. You’re terrified your credit card won’t make it. Will you be able to cover it? You can’t ask for a split, you don’t want to look broke; you don’t want to appear unsuccessful.

Two Things:
1. Become obsessed with success.
2. Get on the phone.

You need to become obsessed with success. People need to be asking you what’s wrong with you and why you’re working so much. If you’re not connected all the time—you aren’t making it.

“900 billion phone calls are made every year in the United States.” – GC

If you aren’t making phone calls you aren’t maximizing your time and reaching the most people possible.

“It costs 1/8th to contact a customer over the phone than to contact them in person.” – GC

Watch or listen to this amazing episode about how to massively expand your perception of what it takes to become successful.

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  • Alain Stout

    GrantCardone  The Guts Father ! Let me check a little 🙂

  • kshawYALL

    Love the intro music to Cardone Zone and Young Hustlers!  #WIT #whateverittakes

  • TMT7110X

    I hate being in the middle class.

  • Mike Killen

    Gotta Pick Up the PHONE!

  • Bharris38

    Im in insurance sales and the phone is my lifeline…#whateverittakes.  Let’s get it!!

  • ICantSettle

    Middle class is where you settle. im trying to Live !     #PhoneGame

  • Dominic

    your phone needs to be your girlfriend

  • Christa Smith

    I’ve been labeled and have lost out on sales positions before because of being seen as “too intense”

  • Alain Stout

    My problem is every time I got a new idea for money, now i am on online poker, jumping sometimes from hot to there, I just have to listen, need help, even I still believe in myself it’s obviously I do something totally wrong, still keep on going, will be nice earning a lots of figures finally!! 🙂 Is it wrong to focus/do it for the money or is thinking that a bad thing? Like you have to do it for helping people or creating something really nice instead of doing it for the money..?

  • Christa Smith

    Thank God I’m free 🙂

  • Alain Stout

    I keep doing everything what I’m already doing and that’s for the long term but I need and also want big money right now so being creative to find that also it’s combination of things

  • A huge area of opportunity for professionals, myself included lies in the area of voice mails.  Would love to hear your take on voice mails. I’m pretty sure it’ll be on the webinar! #Cardonezone

  • CardoneMedia

    TMT7110X Get out! Absorb GrantCardone  material and use it with 10X the amount of effort!

  • Mike Killen

    My focus of selling is on B2B Logistics services ( Shipping their products). I am having trouble getting to the decision maker. The competition is insane! I need to try to stick out from the rest!

  • HelenPrana1

    Go Cardone, go Cardone! Dancing. We are moving to FL to work for Cardone Enterprises. : )

  • HelenPrana1

    But we understand the importance of building one’s own business too of course.

  • Mike Killen

    Thank you Grant!

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    Great show, thanks!

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    Awesome show GRANT!! Thank You so much!!!!

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    what’s up with the video?  like watching a #MaxHeadroom version of the #CardoneZone

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    Grant Cardone, true patriot helping out vets!

  • Arise2Thrive

    did ya’ll hire a new video editor? Very very choppy, brother. Not at all up to your usual high standards.

  • Arise2Thrive

    I signed up for the webinar here instead of through the website you set up. Will be there a way to download the ebook and note set, or will it be available at the time of the event?

  • FJR

    Grant is freaking psychotic.  I love it.

  • Arise2Thrive Agreed

  • Time for a new media guy, your current videographer is very inconsistent. They come a dime a dozen now a days with all of these DSLR’s available for so cheap. Can’t even watch this one because it’s so messed up, your boy is slacking!

  • Christa Smith AMEN!!!  Got a Twitter?  Mines @KeithDixon1984 🙂

  • Gus Skarlis

    Mike Killen Everyone of your prospects will have a LinkedIn profile so I would get to them through LinkedIn. I had a similar challenge trying to get to the General Managers/Owners of auto dealerships. For every 10 connections I get 7 that connect. Here’s how I did it — https://ex174.infusionsoft.com/go/LinkedInWebinar/skarlis/

  • JoeyD0731

    @solace_atlas he is trying to close GC

  • GrantStansbury

    That was insane man….it’s awesome when you say “c’mon man!” when folks’ voice are tentative. Love it. Let’s get it!

  • Alain Stout I am also a poker player. Not my main source of income, but on a competitive non-recreational level. I will tell you that is one of the interesting thing about poker or even trading shares that there is not a direct value transfer, so it seems to fly in the face of common personal development thinking. I do believe that you can be a successful gambler/trader and still contribute value to the world by giving back to the community if you choose to do so. It might be even more rewarding than winning.

  • It is choppy, but the content is so valuable I still had to get it in!

  • Alain Stout

    Dirty Rob, the way you explain this is really cool!!! I agreed everything you said it sounds very recognizable, I tried it all and suddenly I’m obsessed by making large amount of money with poker, my dreams are the same, like you said giving back to the community doesn’t matter how you earn, agreed! I guess my dream is freedom, doing what I like and what to do, giving what I want to give and buying what I want to but. Totally independent, so I’m just finding a way so I can make my dreams come true and invest in them, I guess.