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Is it Meerkat or Persicope?

Which one do you want to go with? Which one do you love and why?

Yesterday Microsoft, a multi-billion dollar company, did a research project with me about Periscope.

You need to get attention to get your brand out there. Are you even going to use these? Whether it’s YouTube or a street corner or a radio show? They’re all to get known, to get out there. The visibility so people know your name.

You need content, you need depth; you need to be interesting first, and then interested. Having a title of a book is great, but you need to be able to type more than 2 sentences to finish that book.

Don’t be dependent on one crowd. You need multiple streams. You don’t build a city from one road; you need roads everywhere.

Watch this amazing video or listen to the podcast to hear the awesome wisdom Grant drops. It’s something you can’t afford to miss.

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    Hello everyone are you ready?

  • GrantCardone  Absolutely!

  • spacecasesells

    lookin like Clark Kent!

  • spacecasesells

    I doubt that’s Macy’s

  • I prefer periscope because it is more integrated with twitter and has less technical issues.

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  • ogimilosevic

    Grant, one quick question: Do you consider posting pictures of yourself on social media is a bad or good a marketing? Nothing related to your business, just behind the scenes of your life? Thanks.

  • Where can we find the Microsoft interview?

  • Is Meerkat or Periscope app only goes through Apple?

  • Laurie J

    Got me dialing for dollarz  $$$$$

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    CONTENT IS KING — I’m super cereal

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    wow we got pitched on a sales call.. lol shocking

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    It was amazing getting advice from you today. I am a very honest person and your advice was sincere and the delivery was perfect. Thanks!

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    Great show!  Discovered something new!

  • GrantCardone

    @Jennifer From VA thanks for listening in! -gc

  • stansburygrant

    Definitely a little weird of a question coming from Microsoft where everything is so scientific…they need to loosen up and do things from the heart…lol

  • witnation

    Keith Dixon  Meerkat has a beta on Android. Periscope is Apple only right now.

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    Great show as always GC!

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    Grant is the MAN!!!!! Love the show.